One of the reasons for the increasing number of obese people is a sedentary lifestyle. At home, they spend most of the time sitting in front of the computer or television.

At work, they still have to spend the most part of their work sitting down while doing their jobs. Spending five days at work usually leaves people too tired to exercise during the weekends. To keep a healthy weight, remain active while at work.

Here are 10 ways to do this:

1. Walk Instead of Ride

If you live near your workplace, why not walk instead of commuting? You will be able to get the exercise you need and save money at the same time.

If you have to take the train, enjoy a stroll to your office instead of taking another ride from the station. Remember that brisk walking is an excellent way of losing extra fats in your body.

2. Climb Stairs Instead of Using Elevators

Is your office on the second floor or third floor? Use the stairs instead of the elevator.  Climbing stairs is an excellent workout. It increases heart rate and helps you burn fats.

When you climb stairs, you strengthen your calves, build great abs, tone the butt and thighs, help you lose fat, and keep your lungs in good condition.

3. Get Your Own Coffee or Snacks

Sometimes you are just too lazy to leave your desk for some tasks such as getting coffee and snacks during break time. Why not make your short break productive by taking the few steps to the canteen or wherever you get some drinks and food?

Doing so will let you stretch your body, relax your back, and move your limbs. Go along with your colleagues, enjoy the stroll and snacks, and feel great.

4. Wear Clothes Made of Breathable Materials and Light-weight Comfortable Footwear

Walking a few minutes and climbing stairs might not be a good idea if you are wearing high-heeled shoes and an uncomfortable suit. Most companies have dress codes but you can make some modifications.

If you must wear suits, invest in breathable materials made to fit you comfortably. Choose shoes with high heels that are thick. This will allow you to walk without tittering.

5. Stand Up at a 30-minute Interval

Sitting down for hours is not good for the body because it does not allow some muscles to work. When your body is idle, it becomes difficult to break down body fat, regulate blood sugar and blood pressure.

You can become obese and develop Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular ailments. When at work, stand up every 30 minutes and spend energy.

6. Get Your Lunch Somewhere Else

Most people bring a packed lunch to the office. They eat where they sit and after eating, sit some more. This can lead to obesity and other ailments.

Make it a habit to eat outside the office. You can easily find affordable eating places that are just a walk distance from where you work.

7. Make Waiting Time a Moving Time

Are you waiting for your turn to use the photocopier in the office? Or are your co-workers still in a meeting when you are supposed to use the meeting room, too?

Do something while you wait. You can do some stretching, squats, lunges, or bending exercises. Never mind if others think that you are weird. What they think about you is less important than your health.

8. Stretch

Stand up and stretch every 30 minutes. When you are sitting down, your legs are bent and your spine is hunched. Stretching will give you more energy and reduce back pain and neck pain.

9. Track Your Steps

Tracking down the distance that you have covered while you walk will help you know if you are getting enough exercise while working. Wear activity trackers like Fitbit and increase the distance that you cover every day until you reach your goal.

10. Initiate a Fitness Program in Your Office

Some companies encourage their employees to engage in some fitness program. For example, everyone in our office can do 10 squats or jumping jacks during break time. Fun runs for all employees can be organised during Sundays.

Finally, if you find that you are busy all the time and can’t find any spare time to do workout, you should check out this article. Or read this article on 7 easy exercises that will keep you fit at work.

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