The cold weather usually makes your daily routine terribly difficult to do. It’s hard to get up for work in the morning. You just want to stay at home or in bed all day, which would definitely ruin your diet and daily exercise.

The season should not let you down and stray you away from accomplishing those usual daily healthy routines. Below are the ten best indoor exercises that would maintain your fitness and body physique:

1. Indoor Cycling

Riding bicycles is one of the best workouts for both men and women. Indoor cycling is a similar exercise wherein it can help you burn hundreds of calories depending on the intensity of your workout. It can also help strengthen and keep your bones in tip-top shape.

Methods and interval-based steps can also toughen your calves, butt, and thighs. What’s great with this exercise is you do not need to use a helmet as it would be performed indoors. You can check out some of the top exercise bikes you can get online in Australia here.

2. Swimming

You can still put that swimsuit to good use even during this cold weather. Go and drop by a nearby indoor swimming pool or community center.

Doing a few couple of laps would be a helpful exercise for you and your family as this would not give too much muscle strain. This is actually better than doing yoga as it helps improve your breathing rhythm depending on proper pacing. In addition, you would also need not to worry about getting a bad sunburn.

3. Boxing

Put your gloves on and get started on that awesome boxing class. Going for a few rounds inside the ring would give you a full-body workout.

Blocking, ducking, and throwing punches may sound like a lot of fun, but this could also be very tiring. On the other hand, it helps you condition and tone your muscles, your cardio and maintain good body stamina.

4. Yoga

This workout is very effective in reducing anxiety, stress, and fatigue. It also enhances and improves your body’s flexibility and strength through multiple methods of poses or asanas. There are a variety of techniques and processes that would best soothe and fit your comfort zone.

5. Tai Chi

This is a low-impact workout having a combination of deep breathing, slow movements, and martial arts. Its origins are techniques obtained from ancient China.

This exercise helps balance your yin and yang, boosts cardiovascular health, and also helps in removing anxiety and stress. Classes are recommended for beginners.

6. Pilates

Carving the core would greatly increase your strength and flexibility. The techniques and movements can be adjusted depending on your fitness level and are done to condition your whole body, improving your physical balance as well.

You can check out my review about the best pilates reformer machine to get for your home.

7. Plyometrics

This type of workout can also be done indoors. It consists of intense exercises with surprisingly very simple methods.

Movements such as tuck jumps, single-leg hops, and jumping jacks improve cardiovascular endurance. Keep in mind to step-up your plyo workouts for continuous improvement.

8. Indoor Basketball

You don’t need to wait for the summer to come to enjoy this sport. There are a lot of indoor basketball gyms where you and your buddies could enjoy a friendly game. This game can burn up to 600 calories in an hour.

Basketball also includes running, which improves your athletic endurance. A full 5-on-5 game would definitely give you a good sweat and improve your shooting and dribbling skills.

9. Futsal

For those soccer enthusiasts, unfortunately this game cannot be played during the winter outdoors. Futsal is similar to soccer however it is a game done indoors and with a much smaller playing field.

This sport and exercise helps improve your balance and gives a great cardiovascular workout. Running around the playing area would also enhance your oxygen uptake which is very good for your lungs and brain.

10. Weight Lifting

We all know that lifting weights is tough work. However, this type of workout can be adjusted depending on your fitness level. If you do not have the proper equipment at home, you can always drop by a local gym near you.

There are different programs and methods that you can follow and procedures on which body part you would also want to tone and concentrate from.

Keep in mind that it is always important to do and accomplish the proper stretching techniques first in order for you to avoid and strains or injuries to your body.

Check out these safety tips if you just started doing weight lifting for the first time.

The cold and gloomy winter should not ruin your fitness regimen. Keep your mood elevated and your body healthy with these exercises.

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