On the Internet and social media, there are certainly tons of myths about exercise. When people do not make the effort to verify these statements, they end up following them without seeing any progress on their fitness goals. As with a lot of things, the right information can make a world of difference.

1. Being Active Doesn’t Counteract The Time You Spent Sitting

One of the most widespread myths out there is that by simply hitting the gym after work, they can undo or make up for all those hours they spent at their desks at work.

The fact is, it is the sitting for such long periods of time that increases the risk of diseases like diabetes or heart disease. Being physically active cannot undo this, no matter how long you stay at the gym. The most important thing is to move as much as possible during the day.

2. Exercise Will Not Make You Thin

The most common reason for exercising is to lose weight, of course. However, studies have proven that exercise alone, meaning without doing any dietary changes, will not contribute to weight loss.

Despite this, being active is still good for the health and with the right diet, can help you achieve your weight goal.

3. Being Active Helps Achieve Other Goals

When you commit to an exercise regimen or when you train for a marathon, you have to practice or exercise regularly and stick to it. Doing so is great for the body but will also foster discipline and help them become better at goal-setting and organising.

These skills are, of course, useful in life and will help ward off laziness and other unhealthy vices. Specifically, studies have shown that smokers who exercise were twice more likely to stop smoking compared to those who do not exercise at all.

4. Stretching Before Running Lowers Endurance

For a long time, people have been told that warming up before exercising is a must. Now, studies are saying the opposite, that stretching actually makes the body less efficient.

This will greatly affect their performance and lessen their endurance. Instead, runners are advised to warm up with a walk or by doing some running-specific movements to prepare the joints. The stretches can come after the run.

5. Women Are Not Getting Stronger

Women are more likely to do workouts that make them slimmer and fitter but not necessarily stronger. This is also because being muscular is not considered feminine.

Unfortunately, poor muscle strength is bad for women’s health and can increase their risk of osteoporosis, as well as joint and back pain.

6. Facebook Helps With Motivation

Social media is not always good but it can actually boost people’s motivation to work out. Unflattering photos are the number one trigger for people deciding to work out, the second being friends showing off their fitter bodies.

7. Morning Exercise May Make You Sick

People who work out in the morning may have more compromised immune systems and thus, are at higher risk of infection. Early bird exercisers should stick to a morning jog or a gentle regimen instead.

8. Men And Women Have Different Exercise Needs

Working out as a couple is good for both, but having the same workout is not the best idea. Their bodies react to exercise and diet differently, which is why they need to tailor-fit their regimen to their specific needs.

9. Married Couples Exercise Less

Beyond being busy with family responsibilities, the idea of married couples “letting themselves go“ can be a reason why they work out less. However, this should not be a reason to ignore their own fitness and health.

10. 60% Of Gym Memberships Are Unused

At the start of the year, tons of people sign up for gym memberships and more people tend to go at the beginning. However, by mid-February, most of these memberships are no longer used, with up to 60% of people forgetting their fitness resolutions by this time.

Thus, instead of splurging on a year’s membership, you can sign up for a test membership or opt for paying for every class. Better yet, they can exercise for free by going for a run or a hike instead.

Final Thoughts

Good health is the best motivation to work out, but a great number of people misunderstand or believe some of these myths that might make their exercise counterproductive instead.

It is always best to work with a fitness professional to have the workout tailor-fit to your needs and you can see yourself achieving your goals more easily.