Are you planning to have your dream vacation in the next few weeks or months? That will be good for you as long as you do not make your holiday an excuse to take a break from working out and to indulge yourself.

If you do, you will find yourself weighing some extra pounds. Instead of feeling relaxed and happy after your vacation, you can end up worried and stressed on how you can lose the extra pounds once again. You might have to spend money on a new wardrobe since your clothes do not fit you anymore.

To prevent all these from happening, here are 10 tips on how to stay healthy while on vacation.

1. Wake Up Early

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If you are up early, you can have the time to exercise or do some workouts. You can work out in your room, performing pushups, curls, crunches, and plunges.

If you are vacationing somewhere where there are hiking or biking trails, you can take a long walk or rent a bike and spend 30 minutes cycling. This will make you sweat, improve your metabolism, and prepare you for the busy day ahead of you exploring or sightseeing.

2. Know How to Indulge

Most people on a vacation eat in restaurants where people can be easily tempted to sample local cuisine. This is why you are on vacation so go ahead and indulge a little. But avoid eating foods that can make you guilty the whole day.

Have a huge and healthy breakfast before you venture outside. This will keep you full until lunchtime. If you eat in a restaurant, it is alright to give in to your cravings. Then, have a healthy and light dinner.

This means that you can have one meal in which you can eat whatever you want and two meals during which you consume healthy foods only.

3. Choose Healthy Airport Snacks

Snack bars and coffee shops in airports used to sell mostly junk foods but that was in the past. With more and more passengers looking for healthy snacks, airport managers have realised they must offer healthy snacks as well.

Nowadays, you can easily find healthy snacks in airports. Yogurt, fresh fruit juice, fresh fruits, and vegetable salads are sold. Stick to these snacks to prevent your calories from shooting up.

4. Pack Your Snacks

During vacation, there are several tours offered. There are hiking tours, boat tours, and other group activities that last the whole day. Some tours offer free snacks but most of them are not just good for you. To avoid getting tempted, pack your snacks.

Bring fresh fruits and several bottles of water. Baked sweet potatoes, sandwiches filled with chicken or turkey breast meat, tomatoes, shredded cabbage and lots of onions are the best snacks that you can bring with you.

5. Use Hotel Fitness Facilities

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Today, most hotels have fitness centers and guests can use them for free or for a small fee. Grab this opportunity to use the treadmill, the rowing machine or lift some weights. If you do not want to exercise outdoors, visit the exercise facility of the hotel where you are staying. You can easily sneak out and give your body a good workout.

6. Drink Plenty of Water

Keeping hydrated is important when you are on vacation. You have plenty of activities that can make you lose water through sweat. Always bring several bottles of water when you go sightseeing, exploring, or touring the different places in the area where you are spending your holiday.

Avoid drinking soft drinks or soda because they contain lots of sugar that can make you gain weight. If the water in your vacation place is not safe to drink, stock up on bottled water and keep them where you are staying.

Keep these tips in mind and enjoy a great vacation without ending up overweight and unhealthy. Avoid making your holiday as an excuse to splurge, drink too much, and be lazy to exercise. Part of the reason why you went on a vacation is to be free from stress and to improve your health. Ending up gaining more weight will defeat the purpose of your holiday.

7. Incorporate Some Simple Exercises You Can Do in Your Hotel Room

There are a lot of simple exercises that you can perform right in the comfort and privacy of your hotel room. This is especially true if you’re the kind of person who is quite shy to use the hotel’s fitness or gym facilities.

The point in exercising is that you only need ample space to move about and be creative in the use of other items to address the lack of exercise equipment. For instance, don’t look for a dumbbell if you can have a bag full of stuff.

You can easily perform push-ups, modified kettle bell swing using a different item, squats, planks, or any other exercise routine. Use your imagination.

8. Take a Walk, Instead of Going for a Ride

Back view of a woman walking in the nature

We all feel the need to relax whenever we take a holiday vacation. As such, most of us would rather request from the hotel staff for transportation to bring us to wherever it is we want to go.

Well, if you’re talking about several tens of kilometres away to your destination, then taking a ride is definitely a must. But, if you’re only talking about a few to several kilometres it is best to walk.

This way you are exercising the muscles in your legs while allowing you to take in as much of the breath-taking scenery as possible. This also helps replenish the air in your lungs, allowing you to feel more refreshed and rejuvenated afterwards.

9. Use the New Environment as a Place to Workout

Does your hotel have access to a public beach? You can have your workouts right in the sand and do some sprint intervals. You can even create a modified triathlon of your own.

Swim parallel to the shore for a distance of about 100 metres or so before hitting the road with your roller skates and finishing it up with a 2-kilometre sprint. If you’re heading to the mountains you can also think of more innovative ways to exercise.

The good thing about having a holiday vacation is that you’re presented with a lot of opportunities to stay fit even without the need for expensive exercise or gym equipment.

Go biking or take a hike. You can also go on a coasteering adventure if you like. The important thing is to be physically active and not a couch potato.

10. Eat Carbs Later in the Day, Not During the Day


This is quite tricky. Holiday vacations are almost always characterised by a lot of food choices that can get you an additional 5 kilogrammes by the time you wrap up your vacation.

Your weight doesn’t have to suffer. What you need is to alter your eating habits a bit by putting carb-rich foods later in the day, preferably after working out.

It is observed that eating high-carbohydrate foods during the day can cause insulin levels to reach an unusual high. Unfortunately, any excess in carbs will be stored in fat cells leading to their growth.

This is because fat cells have been noted to be especially more sensitive to the increase in insulin during the day. On the other hand, consuming high-carbohydrate foods later in the day has the opposite effect. Muscle cells become especially sensitised to the presence of insulin, leading to muscle growth.

As such, it is advised that you take as few carbohydrates as possible during the day. Stick with protein-rich meals as well as fats. You can even bring your own protein-rich snacks when on the go.

Staying fit while on a holiday vacation isn’t really that difficult. One only has to stay focused on staying fit and everything else will fall into its rightful place.

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