If you’re one of the people who needs to start losing weight, you’ve probably run to the internet to get some tips. But the danger in going to the Internet without consulting a nutritionist or a trainer is that there are so many myths that you might end up believing. So to help you know which ones are true, here are 20 facts about weight loss.

1. A can of soda increases your obesity risk by 41%.

Just think about all the canned sodas you drank. Even if you don’t see it now, your body will slowly adapt to the amount of sugar sodas have.

2. Taking the stairs burns 509 calories which is a lot more than when you sit at a desk for an hour.

Sitting at a desk for long periods of time slowly decreases the amount of calories your body burns. So if you want to avoid this, you can alternate from walking around to standing at a desk. Alternatively, standing at a desk can burn up to 115 calories per hour.

3. But even making out burns more calories than sitting at a desk!

Yes, you read that right! Making out burns at least 96 calories.

4. Studies show that families who eat together for a meal weigh less as compared to those who sat and ate while watching television.

Those who ate while watching forget about the amount of food they eat. Some absentmindedly reach out to get food. Just imagine if you have a huge tub of popcorn in front of you. There won’t be an end to your eating!

5. Most diet books complicate the concept of weight loss.

In general, there are four basic rules in weight loss: eat whole grains or fiber, eat lean protein, eat lots of fruits and veggies, and avoid trans and saturated fats.

6. Obesity is linked to poor memory while those who are in weight loss programs have sharper memories.

To add to that, overweight pear-shaped women are known to have poor memory.

Check out this article if you are interested in improving your memory through exercise.

7. Eating dark chocolate is linked to improving your metabolism.

8. Stress can trigger your appetite for unhealthy foods.

People call this “stress-eating”. Stress-eating is when your body craves for food that will relax you (which is often sugar or junk food).

9. Lack of sleep makes it harder for a person to lose weight.

When you lack sleep, your body isn’t in its best condition. This implies that your muscles won’t be able to burn calories as much as they should.

10. Weight loss pills can cause a person to have hormonal imbalance or mood swings.

For some people, the hormonal imbalance makes them eat more which defeats the purpose of weight loss pills.

11. Using a red plate will make people eat less.

The red color is associated with the stop sign which unconsciously tells people to stop eating.

12. A study showed that people who enjoyed eating cake were more successful at losing weight than those who resented eating it.

13. The body starts to burn fat after 20 minutes of exercise.

This is why you’re encouraged to eat after a 20-minute exercise. During this time, your body is at a maximum calorie burning mode.

14. 100,000 calories of fat is equivalent to 54 packs of butter.

An average slim female has around 100,000 calories of fat. This means that even though some people are thin, they still have a huge amount of calories in their body.

15. Simple movements turn on fat-burning enzymes.

Whether it’s walking for a few steps or carrying your groceries, your body will burn more calories than just staying stationary.

16. Muscles burn more calories than other tissues.

This is why trainers encourage you to move around and exercise your muscles. The more active you are, the more energy is needed to fuel your muscles.

17. Alternating high-intensity workouts and cardio burns more fat.

18. There are at least 1 billion overweight adults in the whole world.

19. An average person has around 50 billion fat cells.

Depending on your genes and your built, this number will be higher or lower. But expect that fat cells in the body are natural and everyone has them.

20. Fat cells don’t disappear with a healthy diet and exercise.

Now this fact might sadden you a bit, but just think about it this way: fat cells don’t disappear with exercise and food even if you’re already on a healthy weight loss program. Instead, fat cells become flatter because they lose the fat content.