Most people consider exercise as a way of getting rid of their stress. This is because when you work out, your body releases the hormones called endorphins.

They are known as mood boosters because they can make you feel good. For this reason, many people would usually deal with their anger, pain, and frustrations by engaging in intense routines.

For this reason, many people would run long distances or lift heavy weights as their way of getting rid of their anger or frustrations. This has been effective for many people but there are cases when a person would just drop dead after engaging in a strenuous exercise.

While most health experts and physical fitness specialists endorse workout as a way of dealing with negative and violent emotions such as hatred, there are a few who still think the opposite. A recent study revealed that training while you are upset can put your life at risk.

Results revealed that some of these people who hit the gym while they are upset suffered a heart attack afterward. Although the majority of the participants in the study who suffered from a stroke are males and in their late 50s, being aware of the possible danger of physical exertions while you are upset will keep you safe.

Here are the three reasons why it will be best for you to avoid working out when you are upset:

1. Being upset results to increased heart rate.

You will notice that when you are angry or mad about something, your heart beats faster than normal. This is because your body produces cortisol and insulin, the two hormones that give you the drive to fight back.

When you engage in strenuous exercise, your heart will beat faster than when you started. Your heart may not be able to take the pressure. You might suffer a heart attack or stroke because of it.

2. Working out when upset increases blood pressure.

As the heart beat faster, more and more blood is pumped into the different blood vessels. If there is a plaque in your veins, it can harden and make the passageways in your bloodstream narrower than normal.

When more blood is pumped into the arteries, they cannot easily pass through these passages. The blood can clot and cause aneurysm rupture.

A blood vessel in the brain can break and cause haemorrhaging. This condition can cause the death of a person. To prevent this from happening, stop having your training first when you are mad or angry.

3. Stress hormones can affect blood sugar level.

If you are a diabetic and you are upset about something, it is not the best time to have your work out. Stress hormones can result in very low blood sugar level in your body.

When you exert effort, you are placing your body under physical stress, which can further decrease the glucose in your body. The cells in your body hunger for this source of energy.

If the supply of glucose does not increase, you will experience serious problems such as shaking and erratic heartbeats. This can eventually lead to stroke. If you are aware that you are suffering from diabetes, avoid exercises that will make you exert more effort and use up lots of energy.

Knowing the vital information about your body condition will save you from the danger of heart attack resulting from exercise. First, have your blood pressure taken before you embark on your training especially when you are mad at something. If you are hypertensive, it will be best to relax first until you have a normal blood pressure.

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