Women love to wear high heels or at least many us of do. It makes us look taller and more alluring. And even if the heels hurt us, women are willing to suffer in the name of fashion.

But we are also aware that prolonged use of high heels can cause serious foot injuries or deformities. This is the reality that many women could not afford to ignore.

High Heels Exercise

Fortunately, high heel lovers can repair the damage by doing at least four kinds of exercises. Each one is designed to relieve the ensuing foot pain while strengthening the various muscles in the legs and feet. It is recommended to make these exercises as a daily habit especially if you are always wearing pumps.

These are simple exercises that won’t take too much of your time and are easy to perform. Here are the four exercises that high heel lovers should start doing.

1. Ankle Circles Exercise

Even without the high heels, the feet and ankle bear the brunt of your weight. That heavy load is amplified when you walk in high heels. Relieve the pain by doing foot stretching exercises.

You start the routine by going barefoot and then make slow circling motions with your ankle. Do the circles at least ten times for each foot to revitalise the circulation while giving the joints a much-needed rest.

2. Toe Exercises

The toes also need exercise after getting all those high heel tortures. Start by walking barefoot on sand or grass, whichever is nearer to you.

Slide your foot starting from the tip to the heel, and then continue on the other foot. Massage each foot at least ten times but give the tense spots more time to rest.

3. Massaging the Feet and Relaxing the Plantar Arch

A simple foot massage can help your feet quickly recover from the rigors of wearing high heels. Start by doing hand massages to your feet to relax the toes as well as the sole.

The massage also erases any muscle memory retained by the feet while constrained to your high heels. Many women swear that a massage can relieve the pain of constantly wearing high heels.

The plantar arch is either of the two arches located at each the foot. This relaxation technique requires the use of a ball such as the one used in tennis.

Stand on the ball with one foot and start sliding it back and forth from toe to heel. Afterwards, repeat the process with the other foot, then start massaging the foot for at least ten times.

4. Calves and Feet Stretching Exercises

High heel lovers should not forget their calves if they want their feet to recover. This exercise is designed to tone the calves and strengthen your legs.

Start by standing and keeping your legs together. Afterwards, start going up and down using the tips of your toes for at least ten counts.

It is also possible to do an exercise in bed or while lying down. Lying sideways, start raising and lowering a foot for at least ten counts then continue on the other foot.

After Wearing High Heels

This exercise is perfect after wearing high heels all day. Position both feet on a step, and then tilt the front of your feet with the heels suspended and not touching any parts of the step. This second routine requires to you put your back on a wall.

Support yourself on that wall with your back straight and then stretch on one single leg first. Stretch down the first leg followed by the second leg. Remember to push the heel to the ground without ever touching it.

Wearing high heels all the time is certainly not beneficial to the health of a person. It is normal to hear women getting hurt or suffering from deformities.

But there are natural remedies available such as exercises that are effective, too. It also does not require much effort to do them either. The important thing is to do the exercises so you can immediately get relief from the foot pain you are experiencing.

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