Planning to hit the beach this summer season? It is time to check if you will look good in your swimming attire. If you have a flabby belly, buttocks, and thighs, it is time to shape up and get rid of those stored fats.

Eating fruits and vegetables that are known to help reduce weight will be a big help. To top it all, you will need to work out so that your muscles will be well-toned. This will give you the confidence to wear even the most revealing bathing suits.

Here are the 5 ab workouts that can make heads turn as you parade your perfectly flat stomach and six-pack abs. These exercises do not require lots of equipment and you can do them at home. Do this every day for four weeks and you will develop great abs and a perfectly flat stomach.

1. Body-weight Single Leg Stretch

This is done while lying on the floor flat on your back with your hands at your sides. Raise your head and shoulders from the floor. Then raise your hands and knees until you achieve the 45-degree angle.

Raise your right knee to your chest and reach it with your hands, while keeping your shoulders and head raised. Repeat, this time moving your left knee to your chest. Repeat 8 to 10 times for a better result.

2. Balance Chop

For this workout, you will need an 8-pound dumbbell. First, stand with your feet wide apart then hold the dumbbell with both hands over the head and with arms extended.

Then, shift your body weight on the left foot and turn your right foot as you rotate your body to the left. Lower down the dumbbell to your right hip.

Bend right knee and raise up to your hips. Repeat the motion using the left hip and knees. For the best outcome, repeat this workout 8 to 10 times.

3. Triangle Hip Press

You’ll only need a small space for this routine. Lie down on your back on the floor. Then, extend your legs up while flexing your toes. Tighten your abs and move up your lower back and hips as high as you can.

Then imagine that there is a triangle on the floor and place your hip on the right. Next press your lower hips towards the floor while putting your weight more on the right hip. Then, press and move your hips upward. 

Move down your hips to the left of the triangle. Then press and lift your hips upward. Repeat the process, alternating with your right and left hip.

4. Corkscrew

Lie on your back with your face up. Then put your hands on your sides and with your palms down. Extend your legs until they form a 90-degree angle.

Cross your right leg over your right and point your toes out. With your abs braced tightly to your back, make your legs trace a circle from the left to right and vice versa.

Once the circle is completed, you must press your arms to the floor and raise your hips until your legs are as high overhead as possible in the circle that your legs traced.

Slowly lower your hips down to the floor. Then cross your left leg over the right leg. Reverse the tracing of a circle using your legs. Once completed, raise your hips again, extending your legs as far as possible. Repeat while alternatively crossing the right then left leg.

5. Crunch Chop

Start this exercise by lying on the floor with your face up. Extend legs at 90 degrees and your arms over your head. Clasp your hands together. Then pull your navel to your spine as you exhale. Then lift your head and shoulders away from the floor. 

Open your legs into as if you are straddling something and punch your arms between your legs. Repeat this activity as many times as you can within one minute.

Feeling a bit of pain after doing the exercise? Worry not, check out this pain relief activity to using a foam roller.

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