Martial arts are not only for grown-ups. It is also great for young children. Apart from keeping children healthy and fit, it can also provide them other benefits that can have an impact on their growth and development. Here are some of the many reasons why young children should learn martial arts.

They Will Learn How They Can Defend Themselves in the Correct Way

Bullying is a real issue among school children. More than 3.2 million grade school children become victims of bullying every year. Many more are suffering in silence, not wanting to report the abuse to their parents.

More than 20 per cent of primary school pupils get bullied at least twice every month. For every 10 of these victims of bullying, one of them will be dropping out of school.

They will not be able to pursue their dreams. Throughout their young scholastic lives, only 2 per cent of pupils will never experience bullying.

Martial arts prepare young children on how they can exercise restraint when provoked. They also get to learn how to use force to defend themselves and others should there be a need.

One must recognise that martial arts do not encourage children to become aggressive or violent. It teaches them discipline, calmness, and self-restraint. These are the things that every young student needs today.

They Learn How to Focus and Develop Self-Discipline

Many parents complain about their children having a very short attention span. They get bored easily. They cannot focus very well. There are many activities in martial arts that help develop a child’s focus, concentration, and patience.

They will have to be mindful of the body movements of their opponents if they want to score. Young martial artists cannot rush things as doing so can open them up to attacks from their opponents.

Learning martial arts at a young age helps kids learn how to lengthen their patience. They also get to use more of their senses to improve their focus.

These can have significant implications in the child’s everyday life. He or she can show more patience and perseverance in situations where other children will already be throwing a tantrum.

They Learn How to Respect Others

It is quite rare to meet a child who is respectful and courteous of adults and persons of authority today. Most kids will often look at everyone else as their equal or as another child; only bigger. There are some kids who will raise their voices at adults. Some will even curse at people of authority.

One of the key principles of any martial art is respect. A learner has to have respect for oneself and for others. Before martial artists begin any activity, they always perform a gesture that shows respect for one another.

Children can integrate this learning into their everyday lives. They become more respectful, more courteous, and better-mannered.

Builds Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

Confidence allows children to accomplish a lot of things. They will be able to perform a lot better in their scholastic endeavours. They will stand out in many extra- and co-curricular activities.

Establishing and maintaining friendships will be a lot easier if children are confident about themselves. This can also lead to a more positive sense of the self.

Very few other activities can help children build their sense of confidence in the same manner as martial arts. Martial arts provide different activities that will help the child better understand his or her strengths.

He or she will also get to work around his or her weaknesses. These will contribute to a better appreciation of what one is capable of.

Stronger Mind

We already mentioned how martial arts can help children develop better focus. What we did not tell you is that it can also help strengthen the mind itself. Being able to push oneself to accomplish certain things that you thought impossible can help you understand how to harness the power of the mind.

Having a strong mind is crucial to overcome many of the trials that life will offer as the child grows. A strong, positive mindset can help the child succeed in different areas of his or her life.

Martial arts can help develop the young child as a well-rounded human being. It addresses the child’s need for physical, emotional, mental, and social health that he or she can use for the rest of his or her life.

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