Like health and fitness itself, being organised and having supporting habits in place makes a person’s life more rewarding. And chances are, you’re probably more organised that you think when you start reflecting on your health and fitness achievements.

If you get to the gym most times when you plan to and have enjoyed a healthy lifestyle over a substantial period, then there are aspects of such habits that can apply to other areas of life.

I’ve had several clients claim that they aren’t organised, but when it’s pointed out to them that they successfully make it to the gym or fitness activity and manage to show up with appropriate attire, they begin to see that those same basic enabling strategies can apply to other activities.

Studies have shown repeatedly that organising, decluttering and keeping a tidy and clean-living space boosts your mood, adds to resilience and productivity, and assists with evolving good eating habits.

By looking at how these benefits contribute to a healthy lifestyle, it’s easy to see why the ability to organise is one of the most underrated tools in your fitness kit.

1. Knowing Your “Why” – The Best Motivation Tool There Is

Think about the last time you had to drag yourself to the gym, or the last time you had to talk yourself into going for that run. How did you do it and how did you feel afterwards? Usually people are glad that they went.

Because it feels good. Because their body thanks them and a promise was kept to oneself.  It gives a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that can be hard to fully describe.

Everyone’s internal dialogue is different when it comes to convincing that inner being into “doing” when purring inertia says “just lie on the couch, watch Netflix and eat chips”.  B

y noting what gets you out the door the next time the thought appeals to skip on that gym visit, you’ll be able to use related motivational gems in other situations where the desire for progress is present but motivation can be lacking.

2. Keeping a Routine by Creating Habits – Gotta Keep It Up, or Lose It!

Many exercise enthusiasts credit the simple act of laying out their running clothes the night before as helping them get out the door and do the run.

Knowing that the next step is simply to get out of bed, put an outfit on and go, assists in avoiding what could easily be a ‘press the snooze button and roll over’ opportunity.

The same strategy can be applied to keeping an organised home. By creating habits that are strategic supports an organised foundation and simplifies the process.

Take your arrival strategy, if you’re constantly looking for your keys before you leave the house, try establishing a place that you always leave your keys in when you walk in.

Eventually the arrival strategy becomes second nature and losing your keys becomes a thing of the past, one less recurring situation that adds to disorganisation.

Pink kettlebells

3. Scheduling It In – Making Room for What Matters

Sticking to an exercise routine demands several components. Firstly, there’s scheduling in the time to exercise around other life commitments.

Secondly, there’s laundering gym gear to ensure you’re not stuck without proper attire. And thirdly, there’s planning and/or packing your gym outfit and shoes ahead of time, if going before or after work.

These three points are good illustrations of the ability to manage time and to plan so that what matters gets priority.

4. Consistency – Keep on Keep on

Getting fit isn’t a one time thing and then it’s done. TICK. It’s the same with getting and being organised. It’s a lifetime commitment, a lifestyle decision.

From committing to a health and fitness lifestyle you’ve demonstrated that maintenance and commitment is key to getting the results that you desire. This drive is something that can be harnessed for getting organised and for other areas of your life.

5. Try New Things – Variety is the Spice of Life

It’s common for many people who exercise regularly to get comfortable with a workout routine which can lead to a plateau in fitness gains. It’s through assessing the situation and shaking things up, trying a new weight, doing a new routine or class, that muscles and stamina are challenged and fitness gains improve.

It’s the same with organising, as lives change and as people grow, techniques and systems that once worked need to adapt and change to support those changes.

Being organised may seem like something out of reach, but by considering the skill set you have in place to reach your health and lifestyle goals, you’ll quickly realise that you’re closer than you think.

Written by Christie Flora. Christie is a Melbourne based Professional Organiser at flor&order ( and can be hired for one on one coaching sessions to assist you in living a calmer, decluttered, and happier life.

You can book a Clarity Session Call with her here (

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