5 Great Benefits of Rowing Machine

Many people dream of getting in shape and losing weight. This is the reason why people like you hit the gym and do workouts. There is also a lot of exercise equipment available to help you. One of the best out there is the rowing machine. It’s designed to imitate the motions of rowing a boat and those who have tried it are amazed by its effectiveness.

Rowing machines are popular due to their ability to work on several major muscle groups at once. They also benefit the other parts of the body and many more. This particular workout equipment is beginning to stand out and is now preferred by many. Just try it and see how this equipment can help you. Here are the five major benefits of using the rowing machine.

  1. Rowing Machines are Easy to Use

Even beginners will have no problem using the rowing machine since it’s not complicated, to begin with. Although the learning curve is short, you still need to learn the proper movements in order to reduce the risk of injury. First, secure your feet in the stirrups. Keep the shin at a 90-degree angle to the surface. Straighten your back then start rowing in steady and fluid strokes.

  1. Rowing Machines are Convenient  

Actually, rowing boats are enjoyable if you live near a lake or body of water. If this is not possible, a rowing machine is the next best thing. Most gyms have them, but you can also get one for your home. This is one of the best features of this exercise machine. You could use it whenever you like especially if you bought one.

  1. Helps You Lose Weight  

A workout builds the body and makes you lose weight at the same time. Spending an hour’s worth of exercise on the rowing machine could burn around 600 calories. Compared to other gym equipment it’s much more efficient in losing weight. For example, you need to spend an extra 15 minutes on the stationary bike to achieve the same effect.

  1. An Aerobic Exercise That Increases Endurance

Rowing machines are effective as an aerobic exercise due to its multiple benefits to the body. You lose weight; strengthen your immune system and cardio system. Your outlook of life is vastly improved as the exercise releases endorphins. At the same time, many note that they sleep better as well.

First-time rowing machine users admit that the workout is challenging. But by using it regularly, their endurance has improved considerably. This is the long-term benefit that the rowing machine can provide to you.  It’s established that using this equipment can give you a metabolic boost and increased stamina.

  1. The Rowing Machine Involves Major Muscle Groups

The rowing machine’s appeal is due to its ability to strengthen several muscle groups at the same time. The workout also involves less risk since it’s a low-impact cardio one. Other forms of exercise like running or hiking are considered as high-impact due to the considerable stress on your joints. The rowing machine is better suited to people who have knee injuries than using a stationary bike.

You can also do workouts that can focus on both the upper and lower body. The rowing machine works on improving the user’s shoulders and back. Other upper parts that benefit include the abs and biceps as well as pecs. The rowing actions also help you develop the wrists and strengthen your grip. Posture is also improved with regular use of this machine.

The lower body is not neglected by the rowing machine. You will notice that your quads, thighs, calves and even buttocks are also strengthened. The muscles are not only improved but the workout can also improve the shape and form of your legs. The exercise equipment is designed to give your lower body a toned look while keeping the muscles flexible. 


The rowing machine is a versatile piece of exercise equipment. People are drawn to it due to its ease of use and convenience. It’s a lot safer to use than some exercise machines. But many major parts of the body get to benefit from it. Using it guarantees weight loss and increased endurance as well as stamina.

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