Going on a holiday vacation is never an excuse to skip working out. You don’t need a gym to work out and maintain your fitness levels.

Remember that going on a holiday can expose you to a lot of temptations to indulge in sweets, carbs, and fatty foods that can significantly undermine your fitness efforts.

That being said, you can choose to have a healthier vacation by making use of whatever  space you have whether big or small. Your hotel room, for instance, can still be a useful space to where you could perform your daily workout routine.

And if you are a health buff, you do know that these 5 hacks are possible:

1. Push-ups 

These have got to be the most practical and easiest way to maintain your muscles right in the comfort and privacy of your hotel room. You don’t need any fancy gadget or equipment, just a small amount of space to allow you to lie squarely on the floor, fully stretched out without necessarily hitting any of the hotel room furniture or fixture.

If your hotel room is smaller than the usual, you can try moving some of the furniture to create more space. For added challenge, you may want to do your push-ups on the bed as the bouncy surface will surely make your arm and back muscles work even harder .

Doing so allows you to maintain that perfect alignment as you lower your chest roughly an inch from the bed’s surface. The space from your bed to you walk-area is just enough perform this task.

2. Seagull 

Doing the Seagull is one of the most natural exercises that follow Push-ups. From a push-up position, rest your forearms on the floor and bend your elbows about 90-degrees.

Make sure your upper arms are perpendicular to the floor and that the angle formed by your upper arms and forearms is 90 degrees. Technically, your upper arms will be supporting most of your weight.

Now slowly raise one arm and extend it straight out on one side. Maintain your balance on the other arm still firmly planted on the floor.

Now rotate your outstretched arms to reach forward, more like Superman trying to slice through air, except that one arm is on the floor. Do this side-front manoeuvre of one arm for about 15 seconds before repeating the cycle on your other arm.

3. High 5 

Everyone loves doing the high-five whenever we feel so pumped up or we meet our friends. Now, you can put your enthusiasm for this hand-greeting by turning into something more useful, fitness-wise.

To do this, assume a position like being on all fours, except that your chest is facing upwards towards the ceiling and not downwards towards the bed. Keep your arms as straight as possible and your legs forming a 90-degree angle with your thighs.

Make sure both your back and your front are parallel to the surface of the bed. Now extend one arm all the way up with your palms open as if aiming for a high-five.

Maintain this position for about 15 seconds before repeating with the other arm. Make sure to keep the perfect alignment of your body at all times.

4. Luggage Rows 

Did you know that your travel luggage actually has another purpose whenever you hit town? Your travel luggage can actually serve as your handy dumbbell.

To perform the luggage rows, kneel on your hotel bed or even on a chair on one leg. Support yourself with your arms on the same side as the bent leg.

Now reach for your travel luggage and lift it up in a straight line up to the level of your chest, keeping your lifting arm close to your body, and maintaining straight leg and arm supports. Repeat this 15 times and perform 3 sets for each side.

5. Decline Push-ups 

Doing the push-up means you’re relatively flat on the floor. With decline push-ups you’re essentially at an angle with your feet and legs planted on a higher platform.

You can anchor your feet on your hotel bed or even on a couch or chair. Now assume the push-up position and keep your core muscles as tight as possible.

Make sure to keep your body in perfect alignment. Perform the regular push-ups this way and you can see just how your arm muscles will take their form after 5 sets doing 5 repetitions.

Final Thoughts

Staying true to your workout goals is easy even if you’re on a holiday. With these 5 easy hacks to working out in your hotel room while on vacation, you’re surely be on your way to keeping that well-toned body of yours.

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