Getting enough shut-eye really does help you health-wise. It improves various different areas of your life and even prevents your body’s immune system from worsening.

The average amount of sleep which is recommended by professionals is around the 8-hour mark each night. This is because the average human sleeps in 4-hour cycles, so two of them is just enough for your body to regain the energy it requires to start another day.

In this article, we will take a look at 6 surprising health benefits of getting enough sleep.

1. Fights off Colds and Flus

A recent study published in the Internal Medicine JAMA journal, found that those who sleep five hours or less are more likely to experience colds or infections than those individuals who sleep 8 hours per night.

This information even supports previous studies which resulted in people sleeping fewer hours per night becoming three to four times more likely to develop a cold in comparison to the longer sleepers.

2. Fights Obesity

More observational studies have proven links between obesity and poor sleep in both adults and children. This can be due to a number of different factors.

To begin with, sleepier people are less likely to want to carry out any exercise and therefore will make poor eating decisions. Other factors including poor metabolic rate and a rise in food cravings could also be at play.

3. Improves Exercise

Exercise is hard when you don’t have enough energy to do it well. When you sleep better, the more energy you will have to carry out whatever exercise you are doing.

And similarly when you exercise well, the better you will sleep! Both go hand in hand, and in order to do one well, the other must be done well too.

4. Prevents Migraines and Headaches

One South Korean study gave migraine sufferers a headache-tracking app which diagnosed exactly what triggered a migraine. It found that sleep deprivation, together with stress was one of the main triggers identified.

A similar study published in the Headache Journal showed a decrease in migraines when people were getting more sleep.

5. Comfy Sleep Increases Happiness Levels

Another study carried out by the University of Warwick found that your sleep quality has a lot to say about your overall happiness in your day to day life. If you improve the number of hours you get, it is beneficial to health and happiness.

Similarly, where you sleep also increases your happiness. If you are sleeping on a rough mattress instead of a comfy one, this is likely to play a part in your happiness levels. Investing in a good mattress is therefore recommended to feel the best you possibly can.

Improving how many hours you get per night can certainly make a grand difference in many areas of your life. It is recommended to try it out yourself and see just how it affects you.

We hope that these 6 health benefits have inspired you to get a better night’s rest, and that soon!

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