When it comes to maintaining a healthy body, rest is just as important as exercise. Working out every day will not make you lose weight or build muscles faster. When you exercise daily without taking a day off, you could overwork your body and this will put your health in danger.

Here are the top 5 reasons why taking a rest day from exercise is important.

1. Rest will help improve your sleep.

Too much exercise keeps your heart rate and alertness high. When your heart beats faster than normal, you will have difficulty falling asleep.

You become restless all the time and you fail to achieve an uninterrupted sleep. Just a little noise can wake you up and deprive you of the sleep that you badly need.

It is when you are sleeping that your body works to heal itself. Doing strenuous exercises can damage some tissues in your muscles. Taking a rest and sleeping will help heal the damage.

If you do not sleep well, there is no chance for your damaged muscles to be healed. This can lead to other ailments that can be fatal.

2. Rest will reduce injuries.

Working out without giving yourself a day off can result in muscle injuries. When you run or lift heavy weights, you would feel when you have done too much.

Feeling as if your legs are too heavy to run anymore or as if your arms will break when you lift weights is a sign that your muscles are at the point of breaking down.

Pushing your body beyond the limits can rip apart muscles and damage your joints. It can also weaken the immune system because the energy that must be spent to keep the immune system functioning normally is spent on rebuilding damaged muscle tissues. A weak immune system could make you prone to more muscle and tendon injuries or stress fracture.

3. Your muscles need rest.

Building muscles are only possible when they are damaged from lifting weights that are beyond your capacity. When the damage heals, the muscles become bigger and more toned.

But recovery or healing can only take place if you rest. If you continue to exert effort, the damage becomes more serious. This can lead to a weakened immune system.

Instead of building bigger muscles, you become weak and ill. Ailments related to muscle and joint injuries such as tendonitis can develop and before you know it, you could suffer from recurring injury syndrome.

It is also recommended that you target a different muscle group every time you exercise. This will allow the overworked muscles to heal before you engage them again.

4. Taking a rest will not affect your performance.

Some people who work out think that when they take a break for a day or two, they would lose whatever strength, endurance, and muscles that they have built. But this is a misconception.

You can take a rest even for two weeks without risking to lose everything that you have worked for. If you do not want to suffer from injuries, take a day off after three days of exercise.

The day spent resting will be used by your body to repair and grow damaged muscles, joints, and tendons. You will discover that you will not feel fatigued every time you exercise and the growth and hardness of your muscles will be highly noticeable. You will also keep your body in top condition since your immune system will be working properly.

5. It gives you a mental edge.

Taking a rest will affect your mindset about exercise. After taking a day off, you will be rejuvenated and excited to go on and reach your goal. Mental fatigue can result to burnout.

You will wonder why you lose interest in going to the gym. If you work out in the morning, you have to force your eyes to open and drag yourself out of bed, into the shower, and to the gym.

Exercise is like taking medicine. You can suffer from overdose if you take too much of it at a single time. Now that you know the importance of taking a rest, make your workout schedule and include a day off after working out for three days in a row. This will keep you motivated to exercise so that you will achieve optimum strength, muscles, and endurance.

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