Have you been trying to lose that stubborn belly fat for a long time? Have hundreds of crunches and planks failed to make you look your best self? By the way, you are already your best self. That belly fat doesn’t define who you are!

But, this article will guide you about how you can get a flat belly. To save you the research of how people achieved flat belly and toned abs, we have compiled a list of tricks that you can try to achieve your goal.

You don’t really have to indulge in heavy workout routines, rather you can lose it simply by doing simple fun activities like playing badminton, doing gardening, taking dance classes, completing laps in the swimming pool, and so on.

Age, poor diet plan and schedules, stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia are some of the reasons for getting a bulging belly.

Therefore, you must have a healthy mind and body instead of a diet plan or a regular gym class. For that, you may have to turn your lifestyle upside-down.

Though the article doesn’t talk about those fun activities and the number of calories burnt per hour by doing them, it gives you a guideline of how to make healthy choices in your life. Below are the 5 proven tips to flatten your belly:

1. De-stress Yourself

Following a hectic job routine and managing your home chores all at the same time puts a lot of stress on your body. Stress contributes to a potbelly. How? It increases the level of cortisol that is responsible for directing fat to the middle section of your body. Therefore, it is important to de-stress yourself on a daily basis.

You can de-stress your mind and body by doing some breathing exercises every passing hour. You can join a yoga class to improve your mental strength and the ability to deal with stressful situations. You can learn various tricks to prevent stress or anxiety. Body massage is another great way to reduce stress. You can learn more in the next tip.

2. Get a Regular Abdominal Massage

Those muscles of yours’ get tired after long hours of work. Our sedentary lifestyles and hassles to manage 9-to-5-hour job is seeping our mental health out of us. Sitting for hours on a chair without moving around and bad postures also put a lot of stress on our muscles.  

An abdominal massage or a full body massage is the best way to de-stress your body. Abdominal massage can trigger your internal system to cleanse and detoxify the body fat. It also prevents common stomach problems of bloating and constipation.

Besides detoxification and abdominal exercises, abdominal massage works miraculously to boost your metabolism rate and blood flow within the area. These boost the process of fat burning within your belly region.

You can get a regular abdominal massage by:

Hiring a Massage Therapist

Massage therapists know how to perfectly put pressure on your abs, and belly region to trigger positive changes in the belly.

Buying a Massage Chair

As a massage therapist can be a heavy investment for a lifetime lifestyle change, so you can opt for a massage chair.

3. Avoid Sugar-Coated Foods

Not only should you avoid sugar-coated flattering talks, but also sugar-coated processed foods. No doubt, they taste like heaven. But, that heaven creates a hell inside you. The fattening and sugary food is not even 1 % healthy for you.

If you could see the hidden sugar you are consuming every day, you would be surprised as well as disgusted to have eaten that much of calories in a day. Chocolates and cookies are not the only sugary culprits.

The apparently seeming healthy foods like yogurt, frozen foods, ketchup, sauces, health bars, energy bars, milk tea, and salad dressings are stuffed with tons of sugar that are otherwise called as ‘empty calories’.

High insulin level paces up fat storage in the body, so high consumption of sugar leads to stubborn belly fat. If your workout is of no use in an attempt to lose belly fat, lower your sugar intake and you will see the difference.

4. Follow Cardio Workout Routine

A daily cardio helps in boosting your metabolism and fat burning capacity. A cardio doesn’t require a lot of effort; you just need to walk for 30 minutes at a speedy pace. Get your heart rate pumped up each day to aid your body in the fat-burning task.

If you have been doing all those crunches, strength training, and weight training exercise alone, why not couple them with a cardio session in the beginning and a cool down workout at the end?

5. Follow a Healthy Diet Plan

When you kick out processed foods from your diet, replace them with delicious recipes of fibre-stuffed foods. Foods with fibre take a long time to digest and, therefore, you have lesser craving for more food.

Additionally, fibre foods prevent stomach problems such as constipation and bloating that often cause your belly to bulge out.

Regularly eat around 25 grams of fibre that are present in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Try not to prepare shakes all the time. Instead, take fresh and raw fruits and vegetables and relish the taste of these blessings of God for you.

Once, you will see the change in your mental and physical health with this simple change in your diet, you will get addicted to this fresh food. No processed food can compete for the nutritious value a natural food has.

Apart from the fibres, take adequate amount of fats and carbohydrates as well. They are essential for the internal health of your body.

Make sure to drink plenty of water (even in winters) to prevent bloating and a protruding belly. During pre-menstrual bloating, drink lots of fluids to avoid the trouble. Water also helps in flushing out all the toxins in the body and help in transport of nutrition to cells located in different parts of the body. It also prevents constipation.