Have you ever seen rows of rowing machines in the gym where you had your regular workouts a few years ago? Perhaps you saw only one, two, or three but not as many as treadmills and exercise bikes

This is because of a misconception that when you row, you only exercise the upper part of your body. But this is wrong. In fact, this workout targets the core, leg, and arm muscles.

This helps you improve your heart rate, burn calories, and lose weight. However, this workout can only be effective when performed properly.

Here are 5 ways to burn calories using indoor rower:

1. Use proper technique when doing the exercise.

Sit at the top of the machine with your back straight to open your airways. Lean back slightly and push the foot plate with force.  This will make you slide to the other end of the rower.

Then pull the handles until they are close to your chest and just below your breast. Extend your arms and prepare for the next stroke.

Remember that by pushing the legs to the foot plate, your leg muscles get the workout they need and you get to burn calories at a fast rate.

I covered the proper use of rowing machine in this article before.

2. Do the workout frequently or at least 6 days a week.

To shed off extra weight fast, it is recommended that you engage in stationary rowing for at least 90 minutes each day, six days a week.

The more frequent you exercise and the higher the intensity, the more calories and weight you will be losing at the same time. Irregular schedules with long intervals will enable your body to replace what you lost the last time you did some exercises and you will end up gaining what you lost.

However, it is important to know when to stop. It is natural to feel muscle pain when you row for longer hours but when the soreness is too much, you may rest until the pain is gone.

3. Keep track of the calories you burn and the weight you lose.

Most exercise equipment have a built-in tracker of your activities such as speed, calorie burned, and weight lost. If you are not very heavy, you will burn 510 calories per hour but if you are weighing 185 pounds, you will burn more than 700 calories per hour.

Knowing how many calories you burn and the weight you lose will help you reach your goal easily. If you want to burn more to increase the number of units of energy that you use up, you can increase the number of strokes you can make in an hour and the level of resistance.

4. Make a workout plan.

In order to succeed in losing weight, you need to draw a plan. Some people think that rowing more is enough. However, setting a goal will help you see if you are getting the results that you desire. First, know how much you weigh before starting the program. Then, draw out your goal.

How much weight do you want to lose? Then calculate the needed duration and intensity of the exercise to reach your goal. With this guide, your efforts will have a sense of direction and purpose.

5. Eat the right foods.

All the hours you spend on your rowing equipment will be useless if the weight you lose is instantly replaced because of the food you eat. To reach your weight goal, remember to eat more fruits and vegetables while reducing your carbohydrate and protein consumption.

You can enjoy a small serving of lean meat and grains in every meal. Going hungry is not the proper way of dieting because it might disrupt your metabolism and make you use up less calories and gain more weight rather than lose it.

A rowing machine is indeed an effective exercise equipment but only when you use it properly. Remember to observe correct posture and to use your legs in pushing the foot plate and your hands in pulling the handles close to you.

Make the necessary adjustments in the resistance level and number of strokes per hour as you target to use more calories and lose more weight. With the right fitness program and proper diet, you will be able to achieve your goal.

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