One of the things that make eating worth doing is when you actually eat delicious food. Food that melts in your mouth, food that has the right spices, and food that is served hot is always welcome to your tummy. However, just because it tastes good doesn’t mean that it does a lot of good for your body.

There’s a saying that the delicious food is actually the unhealthiest of them all. Although this isn’t totally true, there are so many foods (packed or not) that only harm your body when eaten all the time. Here are 7 of those tempting yet unhealthy foods.

1. Processed Meat

You can’t simply do away with processed meat. These are hot dogs, sausages, deli meats, etc. There are so many different kinds of processed meat and you can find yourself having a favorite because of their diverse flavors – from sweet to sour.

However, because they are processed, a lot of preservatives and saturated fat are in them. If you think that you’re getting your daily dose of protein from processed meat, then you should stop as it only does the opposite. Yes, there’s protein, but there’s also a lot of sodium. Too much of processed meat can lead to heart disease as well.

2. Canned Vegetables

When compared to fresh vegetables, canned vegetables are always tastier. They also tend to be more appealing to children because they are more colorful. To add to that, canned vegetables are often used by cooks so that their cooking and preparation time is much shorter.

Similar to processed meat, canned vegetables or any food in a can for that matter has a lot of sodium. They are also loaded with preservatives especially since their expiration dates can be up to a year.

If you need ready-made vegetables, then you can just buy frozen ones. In that way, you save yourself from eating preservatives and sodium.

3. Canned Fruit

No matter how sweet or appealing they may be, canned fruit is a terrible substitute for natural fruit. It’s also a bad choice for when you want to include them as an ingredient.

Yes, they’re convenient and they aren’t as fast to get spoiled, but if you want to be healthy, then sticking with fresh fruits is what you should do.

Canned fruits are only rich in sugar and they don’t even have much of the nutrients they say they have. Their calorie content is also very high and this will be counter-productive if you want to lead a healthy life.

4. Microwave Popcorn

Whenever you want to watch a movie at home or binge watch a TV series on Netflix, microwave popcorn is always your best friend. It’s convenient and it’s addicting to eat whenever you start watching something.

But like any other processed food, microwave popcorn is unhealthy especially when it’s flavored. Just the buttery ones are already packed with calories, what more with flavored ones. Moreover, the packaging of microwave popcorn is coated with perfluorochemicals that are known to cause cancer.

5. Flavored Juices

Flavored juices are always a go-to drink whenever a visitor comes to your house. It’s easy to prepare and it’s tasty. But if there are a few things you should avoid consuming, flavored juices should be one of them.

These drinks are rich in glucose and fructose but too much of these two can harm your liver. Aside from the fact that they are rich in sugar, a lot of preservatives and artificial flavoring and coloring are present just so it can taste like real fruit.

6. Red Meat

Have you ever wondered why red meat is frowned upon among people who are health-conscious? This is because red meat is rich in cholesterol. They are also rich in saturated fat and this is bad for those who have diabetes.

Anyone who is already diagnosed with health conditions is often advised to eat white meat instead because they are rich in protein and are less filled with cholesterol. Studies have also shown that too much red meat consumption can increase the chances of having diseases.

In summary, there are a lot of great food that aren’t healthy. But you shouldn’t feel bad that you have to cut down on eating them, you just have to look at healthier alternatives that taste just as good and there are many.

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