According to reports, a third of Australians do not get adequate exercise- posing serious effects on their health. Lack of exercise increases one’s risk for heart disease, obesity, mental health issues, diabetes, hypertension and certain cancers.

It can also affect one’s ability to focus, which in turn leads to decreased productivity. Indeed, its bad idea to skip your workouts. Are you keen to find out why you must work out regularly?

Here are six things that happen to your body when you work out.

1. There is an Increase in Endorphins

People that exercise often know that exercising makes them happy and there is a scientific reason for it. When you work out, pour body releases endorphins.

Endorphins interact with opioid receptors in your brain to reduce feelings of pain. This happens in much the same way as medications like codeine and morphine work.

It decreases your pain perception and increases your pain threshold. Regular workouts also balance brain chemicals, helping to regulate anxiety and stress and to keep depression at bay. Indeed if you want to feel happier, enlist a trainer, or better yet, learn how to become a personal trainer yourself.

2. You Enjoy Higher Energy Levels

Exercise can boost your energy levels if you’re feeling tired or suffer from fatigue-related conditions.

Physical activity boosts cardiovascular health, which increases endurance.

To enjoy this, ensure to include at least thirty minutes of moderate aerobic activity at least five days of the week.

3. You Sleep Better

Exercise has been used as a therapy to help people with insomnia fall asleep faster, sleep longer and enjoy deeper sleep. While a direct link between exercise and good sleep is yet to be established, there have been a few viable suggestions.

The first one is the rise and drop in temperatures. The body heats up during a workout, then drops shortly after. This drop in temperature promotes sleep much in the same way as having a hot bath before bed does.

The second way is related to your state of mind, post-exercise. Exercising helps relieve arousal and feelings of stress and anxiety. With these out of the picture, it becomes much easier to fall asleep.

Sleep improves alertness, brain function and helps with body weight regulation. These are essential qualities of good health.

4. Increase Your Fitness Levels

When you exercise, your body can require up to 15 times more oxygen. This prompts you to breath heavier and faster. Your breathing rates accelerates until the muscles around your lungs can not allow you to breathe any faster.

The maximum capacity of oxygen use is known as VO max. The more you exercise, the more you build endurance and push up your VO max. The higher this goes, the fitter you become.

5. You Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

Your weight is a culmination of the calories you put into your body and the energy you expel. To maintain a healthy BMI, you need to balance the two. Exercise helps you control your weight by burning excess calories. Your body would otherwise store these as fat.

Being overweight can predispose you to a myriad of physical health issues, cause depression and affect your self-image leading to social problems.

6. Gives you Glowing Skin

Exercise increases blood flow, which helps nourish skin cells. Increased blood flow also increases the distribution of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, including to the skin. This also promotes efficient waste products, cellular debris and free radicals removal resulting in a healthier and glowing skin.

Start Today!

These are some of the ways in which exercising impacts your body, leaving you healthier, looking good and feeling even better. If you have been postponing your workout plan, you are doing yourself a great disservice. Get started today!