With the advent of the Christmas season comes the series of Christmas parties. From the Christmas party in your office to those held by your friends and families, the holiday season can make you forget about the dangers of overindulging. 

Lots of sugary foods that are difficult to resist beckon you to the table as soon as you arrive. The party can last long and you might not be aware that you have already eaten and drank too much.

Usually, you end up getting back the pounds that you have lost before the holiday season. However, you can easily avoid overindulging during the Christmas season by remembering these 6 tips.

1. Have your regular meal at home even if you are going to a party later.

Making sure that you are not starving before you leave for the party will help you limit your food intake. Some people have the habit of not eating their regular meal when they are invited to a party so that they can eat as much as they could.

If you are starving when you arrive at the venue, you will tend to eat more without thinking about the calories that you are putting into your body.  The fact that during Christmas, you get invited to a party almost every night will not help you.

Before the end of the season, you will find yourself already overweight and showing signs of obesity. Have snacks before going to a party so that you will not be tempted to eat everything on the table.

2. Choose what you must eat.

When you attend a party, you are not required to eat all the dishes offered to show that you appreciate the food and the one who prepared it. Go for dishes with plenty of vegetables and have fruits for dessert. If you really want to try everything, get a small portion of each. This will allow you to enjoy all the foods without stuffing your body with calories.

3. Use a small plate.

A small plate fills easily, which means that you will stop getting food after it is full. It will be embarrassing to see food spilling from your small plate. This will keep you from eating too much, which is not good for your health.

You can get only the foods that you think are healthy and good for you and continue with the dessert later. Once you can control how much to eat, you will be able to avoid overindulging yourself.

4. Savor the food.

Some people eat fast so that they can have more but this will prevent you from enjoying the food. Eat leisurely and chew the food properly. Remember that it will take some time before you will feel that your stomach is full. If you eat slowly, you will feel satiated even if you have just consumed a small portion of food.

5. Drink plenty of water.

Water hydrates the body. It can make you feel less hungry and so, you will eat less. Avoid drinking lots of whiskey and beer because they can worsen your dehydration instead of quenching your thirst.

Forget about these alcoholic drinks and stick to water or fresh fruit juices. These drinks will not just refresh and rehydrate you; they are also rich in nutrients that can keep you fit and healthy.

6. Turn your attention to non-food topics.

Instead of staying near the buffet table, try to go around and talk with people that you know, and even those you don’t. This will divert your attention from all those tempting dishes.

It is time to catch up with them and to renew relationships and start new ones, too. Aside from minimising your food intake, you will have fun talking with your friends and relatives who you have not met for a long time.

If there are games, join and enjoy. Before you realise it, the party is almost over but you have not consumed as much food as you usually did.

Whenever you have to attend a party this holiday season, remember these tips to avoid eating too much. If you have worked hard to attain a healthy weight until today, do not destroy what you have started. You can end up spending the next months again in struggling to lose all those pounds that you gained.

What if you have over-indulged yourself? I’ve covered the tips to beat the post-Christmas bloat here. And for those of you want to lose weight without stressing too much about diet and exercise, you can check out this article.

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