The months of June to August are the typical winter months for Australia and on any other year, fitness-conscious Australians would be flocking the gym in search of warmth during workouts.

Unfortunately, that’s not case here as gyms are likely to be still closed until September in some areas due to the current situation – so what should you do to keep fit? Here are some options for winter workouts.

Go Heavy with Cardio

Indoor cardio is perfectly possible with little to no equipment. Depending on the amount of space you have, your exercises can be through jumping jacks, burpees, power squats, mountain climbers, and of course – planking.

There’s no need to alternate – you can find a workout you like and commit to doing that every day for the following months. If you’re the kind who gets bored easily however, you can mix and match these routines to keep you entertained.

The great thing here is that since you are in complete control, you can measure your progress based on repetition or the amount of time you spent on the exercise. As long as you’re moving forward, there should be no problem.

Create a Mini Gym with Cheap Equipment

There’s no need to spend hundreds for a treadmill or a stationary bike. Even simple equipment can provide excellent workouts especially if used correctly. Here are some small and relatively cheap items you can add to a home gym:

• Resistance bands
• Dumbbells
• Jump rope
• Exercise ball
• Yoga mat

Utilise Your Home

It’s also possible to get a great workout just by utilising what you have in your own home. For example, going up and down the stairs every day will give you good cardio for the day – not to mention it can help tone up those legs and lift up the buttocks. Look out the yard and make a commitment to shovel snow every day.

This won’t just keep your arms slim but also keep your outdoors safe from excessive piles of ice. Maybe de-ice the roof while you’re at it, or reorganise the room and de-clutter. Not only do these tasks give you a good workout, they also contribute to the overall status of your home.

Yoga, Stretching, and Meditation

Who says your workout has to be pumping hard? There are routines that give you the calorie burn you need without excessive strain. Yoga and stretching workouts are perfect for the average living room size, allowing you to get those muscles moving and boost blood circulation.

These routines can also help stop you from going crazy indoors as the disciplines focus more on mental workouts.

Use a 30-Day Free Workout Routine

If you’re the kind of person who just needs to have a system to follow, you can easily find effective programs online. YouTube offers several 30-day playlists of beginner workouts, Pilates, yoga, HIIT, and more.

If you have several devices, you can also play workout music for added motivation – which can also be found through this free platform. There are also downloadable apps that have a 30-day workout program that can help you target specific body parts.

Take Up an Ice-Friendly Sport

If you’re lucky enough to have a nearby ice-skating area, then perhaps it’s time to get into the sport. Breeze your way through the ice while giving yourself a good workout.

There’s a reason why ice skaters have such beautiful legs, they spend their days pumping those muscles on the ice – and you could be, too. You can also opt for sledding or really any other outdoor activity. Just make sure you’re properly attired for the snow and you shouldn’t have any problem.


So really, there’s no excuse for you NOT to workout – especially if you want feast during the holidays. With a fitter body by the start of September, you’d have more room to enjoy the food for the holidays. If you’re still having a hard time, add a bit of fun to your workouts.

Perhaps take a happy stroll through the neighborhood and enjoy the winter weather? Volunteer to take your neighbor’s dog for a walk and you’ll also have a happy pooch at the end of the day. Bring in the child inside of your and play with the snow – the possibilities are endless.

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