Christmas season is over and it leaves behind many things. Aside from piles and piles of discarded gift wrappers to remind you of the past season, you gained something that you cannot easily get rid of – your bloated tummy.

It is difficult to control your craving when you are presented with platters of delicious food. Even those who swear never to gain a single pound during the holidays usually find themselves a few pounds heavier.

It might take a few days or weeks to regain your flat tummy but if you follow these tips, it might reduce the time you need to lose that extra flab.

1. Eat foods rich in potassium. 

Too much eating and drinking create havoc in the fluid balance in your body. This fluid causes your tummy to bulge. Potassium is known to regulate fluid balance and get rid of bloating.

Foods that have high potassium content are bananas, mangoes, tomatoes, and spinach. Asparagus is highly recommended because it contains asparagines that helps flush out excess fluids from the body. Include these foods in your diet to regain your flat tummy.

2. Minimise drinking fluids during meals. 

Avoid drinking fluids with your meal. These fluids can affect your digestion because it dilutes the acid in your stomach that helps break down the foods that you eat and causing your belly to bloat. Instead, drink fluids 20 minutes before and after your meal for faster digestion.

3. Avoid carbonated drinks. 

Carbonated drinks such as soda make gas bubbles that have carbon dioxide inside. Some of the gas are expelled from our body when you burp while the rest remain in your stomach.

It causes the bloating that makes your stomach bigger. Instead of drinking soda and soft drinks, stick to water only. You can add natural flavours if you do not like the blandness of plain water. Fresh lemon or lime juice will add flavour without causing your tummy to bloat.

4. Minimise salt intake. 

Salt can hamper your body from flushing out fluids from the cells in your body. Once they are full of water, the cells become plump and make your stomach look full.

Avoid foods that have high salt content such as processed meat and other products. Most ready-to-eat meals contain lots of salts so you must avoid them as well.

Stick to fresh products and ingredients when preparing your meal. Use very little salt by substituting it with other spices that can add flavour to the dishes that you prepare.

5. Stay away from sugar substitutes.

Some food products claim that they are sugar-free but the sugar substitute that they use can cause more bloating. One of these sugar substitutes that you must be wary about is sorbitol because it cannot be fully digested.

It stays in the stomach and can cause diarrhoea and stomach-ache. Its waste product is hydrogen, which can be harmful to your body.

6. Make it a habit to eat slowly. 

Enjoy your food by eating slowly and chewing properly. Chewing has been known to facilitate the production of digestive juices that help break down food in the stomach.

If you eat in a great hurry, some of the foods will not be digested and they will remain in your stomach, causing it to bloat. Do not take big snacks at night because once you go to sleep, the food will not be digested properly and this can cause your tummy to look big.

7. Take probiotic supplements.

There are lots of bacteria that inhabit your gut and some of them are good while others are bad. Eat foods that are rich in probiotics to feed the good bacteria in your gut.

Good bacteria stimulate digestion while the bad bacteria can slow it down and let food sit on your stomach. The undigested food will cause your stomach to bloat.

When buying a prebiotics supplement, choose one that contains cultures of Bifidobacterium and lactobacillus. Apples, asparagus, leek, onions, garlic, barley, and oat can also help the good bacteria thrive in your gut.

Get rid of your bloated stomach by following these tips. However, do not expect overnight results. Following the recommendations for a few weeks will bring you the result that you desire, which is a flat and healthy stomach.

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