Improve Your Mindset in 7 Ways and Free Yourself from Negativity

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Have you set a goal but you find yourself too lazy to do anything about it besides just toss the idea around in your head? Have you ever heard a breakup and it took you years to recover? Have you ever failed at something and still think about how big of a loser you are?

These are all mindsets or inner talk. If you improve your mindset, you can have a better life, you can achieve your goals (no matter how unrealistic). And, you can have a better life. Just feel good about yourself on an everyday basis. Sounds too good to be true?

You don’t need any mindset coach to establish positive thinking. If you have a good mindset, you will stop feeling sorry for yourself for the mistakes you have done in the past.

Everyone makes mistakes and it’s good to make mistakes because that is how you learn and develop. However, having a bad attitude toward things or the wrong mindset can make you feel miserable.

Here are 7 ways with which you can dramatically improve your life:

1. Be Positive

Easier said than done. It can be really hard, to be positive all the time. But you do have some crucial moments where it is vital for you to have a very positive mindset. For example, this is a must thing to do when you wake up, you should start your day with a positive mindset.

Imagine you wake up with a bad mood, you attack the first person that comes your way, be it the car in front of you when you are running late for work, or just a stranger giving you a smile. Have a bad mood is very visible on the outside just as much as it is on the inside.

Try having good self-talk with yourself instead of a complaining nature or victimising yourself. You have the whole universe inside you and you make it beautiful and you are a very important part of it.

2. Be Emotionally Fit

Your emotions control how your day begins and ends. How good you can handle the situation life throws it at you. It can be hard to be at peace when you have just lost a loved one but you can allow life to be, if you believe in life, you believe in death.

Being emotionally fit can help you immensely in your work life and personal life. If you are work and you just got criticised, you can react in a number of ways, the best one will be to ignore the ego getting hurt and just listening with an open mind.

This way you will be able to better yourself without hating/attacking the person who just criticised you, this is just an example. If you having a hard time dealing with old age parents, practice patience it really works.

3. Have Goals

Set unrealistic goals, you can only unlock the true potential of your mind only if you use it enough. Try signing up for something you have not done before. If you are a banker try writing a book.

If you are a driver think about opening a restaurant, these can vary based on you and whatever you want to do and whoever you want to be. The most powerful person today had no extra limb or features, you are capable of achieving greatness.

Go for the 100 pushups a day challenge, pick up that paintbrush and become a painter. You all deserve to be happy and achieve whatever you want, as long as you do not hurt people along the way.

4. Be Open to Learn New Things

This can be anything from doing something completely new. A lot of people do this when they are studying or looking for a means to earn. Be open to criticism, stop pretending that everyone hates you and stop feeling like everyone is your enemy.

Go out to the park, don’t be afraid of asking the prettiest looking girl in the room. Be confident and meet new people. This does not mean you let people walk over you when you are a consequence of your being, you will not be working about the past or the future.

You meet different people with different mindsets every day. And, meeting these people doesn’t happen by a coincidence. They are meant to bring good and bad in your life. However, you are the only one who can fight back and see the good in yourself.

5. Turn Negative into Positive

Yes, your mind has the power to do this. Once we let go of the false sense of being which is called ego it is very easy to stay positive even when in a negative situation.

For example, you are having a general conversation with a colleague and suddenly they come up with something that triggers your ego and you start to think they are indirectly attacking you (your ego to be more precise) but when you are self-aware the ego dies, you realise it was just a fragment of your imagination.

6. Be Patient

Patience comes with practice, only a handful of people in today’s world has the patience to overcome their emotional reactions. These reactions are the reason why you worry about the future though you have no control over the future.

The past is already gone so you have no control over what’s gone as well the only thing you have any control over is the now. Being focused on the present moment will do wonders for you and your mindset.

7. Have Fun

The most important part here is to have fun while you are doing all these things mentioned above. If you are negative all else will fail, as long as you enjoy your journey to a more powerful mindset you are all set but if you are not then just don’t quit.

It’s over when you quit not before that. You can be happy and the easiest way to do that is accepting life with all its happenings and enjoying them. At no point will it feel like a burden.

At the beginning you may feel like its really hard and YES it is hard just like every other good thing in life, it requires effort and it is very much worth it.


You all need to work on your mindsets, this is how you will survive as a race and only the enlightened minds will be able to make it through as the unconscious minds will evaporate. Your mind is like a garden, plant good stuff not negativity, life is really beautiful if your mindset is present rather than fretting about problems that only exist in your mind.


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