If there is one part of the body that is very frustrating to lose, that would be the belly. Whether you’re a man or a woman, belly fat takes a lot of time to burn especially if your goal is to have perfectly sculpted abs.

And you haven’t taken into account the time you have to spend in the gym just to work that belly fat off. With so many things you’re supposed to do, you can’t guarantee a workout every day. So what’s the next best thing?

Ab Exercises for When You’re Sitting

You may not know it but you spend most of your time sitting down. Unless your work involves walking from one place to another, much of your working and waking hours are spent sitting in front of a desk.

So before you give up hope on getting those abs, try these 8 ab exercises you can do while sitting.

1. Torso Turns

To start your exercise, try a few stretches that involve your spine and your abs. To do a torso turn, sit with a straight back without leaning on the chair.

Then, with your hips just facing front, slowly turn your torso to the right. You can try to twist it until your left and right shoulders form a 6 o’ clock. Hold for a second and rotate your torso to the other side.

2. Knee Tucks

Similar to your crunches, knee tucks are an effective way to burn belly fat. To do this, keep your legs together and hold the sides of your chair.

Then slowly bring your knees up towards your chest while maintaining a straight back. Put your feet slowly down. Do this for 20 times.

3. Alternate Knee Lifts

If knee tucks aren’t enough, you can also do alternate knee lifts. This time, you only lift one knee at a time. This will help sculpt your obliques and burn that belly fat. Try to do 10 reps lifts per leg.

4. Russian Twists

Russian twists are a popular ab exercise. Almost every workout has this move in one way or another. You can also do this while sitting down.

Start by sitting almost at the edge of your seat (but not just at the corner) and slowly reclining your back towards the back of the chair.

Then lift both your knees so that your knees, hips, and back form a “V”. Then slowly turn your torso to one side while keeping your knees up. Then go back to the middle and turn the other direction.

5. Seated Leg Raise

You can also target both your hamstrings and your abs by doing a seated leg raise. While sitting straight on your chair, extend your legs forward until it’s parallel to the ground.

Then slowly put it down towards the floor while keeping your legs straight. Go up and down for 20 times.

6. Bend Overs

Bend overs may not sound like the best exercise to do, but this actually engages both your core and your legs. You can do this by putting both feet shoulder-width apart and flat on the floor.

Then using your right hand, reach down to touch your left toes. Get back up and do the same for your left arm. Aim to do 10 exercises for each arm.

7. Scissors

If the leg raises were too easy for you, you can challenge yourself more by doing scissors. Similar to leg raises, keep your back straight but this time cross your legs to look like a pair of scissors.

Then from the ground, slowly raise them until they are at the level of your hips. Slowly bring them down without your feet touching the floor. If you lose your balance, you can let the top of your back lean on your chair. Do this for 20 times.

8. Exercise Ball Balance

If your office isn’t too strict about seats, then you can take advantage of this by bringing an exercise ball to work.

Instead of sitting on a normal chair, maintain your balance with the exercise ball. Not only will you be more aware of your posture, your core will be engaged all the time you’re sitting down.

See? Even if you don’t have time to go to the gym every day, you can still achieve a flat stomach by maximising your seat at work.