Meal prepping is one of the kitchen hacks you can do to eat healthier while still staying within your budget. As a first-time meal planner, you might feel that prepping food for a week can be a huge inconvenience. It’s the contrary especially when you have the right tools with you.

Here are 8 meal planning supplies that will make you love meal prepping every week.

1. Weekly Meal Plan Notepad

Sure, you can always write everything on a sheet paper but where is the fun in that? With a notepad specifically designed for meal planning, you can see all your meals in one glance – from breakfast to dinner. Ideally, get a notepad that you can stick on the fridge so that it’s easier to find and be reminded.

Writing down your meals for the week doesn’t just make you feel organised; it also helps you manage the grocery expenses. It allows you to break down all the ingredients you need and even gain insight on what meals will be a costlier than the rest.

2. Food Processor

If you hate chopping vegetables and spices into tiny little pieces, then you’ll love getting your hands on a food processor. The thing about processors is that they are very convenient. It saves a lot of time because you don’t have to contend with chopping garlic or onion leeks into small pieces. Most food processors can handle both dry and wet ingredients so you can use them in making chopped chicken.

3. Vegetable Slicer

When you plan meals for healthier snacks, you’ll notice that it involves a lot of sliced vegetables. Nobody loves chopping a week’s worth of vegetables especially when they’re not fond of knives. This is where vegetable slicers come in handy.

Not only do you get to chop vegetables properly, you also get away with dealing with sharp knives. After a few meals, you’ll realise that a vegetable slicer is something you can’t live without.

4. Pint Mason Jars

Mason jars aren’t just for taking Instagram-worthy pictures of coffee. They are also for storing overnight oats, chopped vegetables, and even salads. They are easy to store and they have enough space to contain a full meal of salad. Mason jars have air-tight lids so you don’t have to worry about the dressing spilling over your things. They’re also very aesthetic.

5. 15-piece Microwavable Bento Boxes

If you’re the type to prep everything on individual containers, then you’ll find a 15-pc microwavable bento box set a huge help. You can already separate all the dishes into 15 meals throughout the week so you don’t have to worry about prepping them every morning. What’s great about bento boxes is that they have compartments for your viand, carbs, and fruits.

6. A Set of Glass Containers

Glass containers are great for storing food over the course of the week. There are many brands offering BPA-free containers with air-tight lids. If you plan on storing large servings of food or ingredients, glass containers can be an ideal food storage supply.

7. Instant Pot

If there’s one appliance you have to invest in, it’s an instant pot. An instant pot is literally a pot that can act as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, and a steamer. Some instant pots offer much more capabilities than that, too.

At first, they can be expensive, but with the number of things you can do with it, you won’t regret buying it. They also cook at least 50% faster than when you cook on a pan. Even if you just have this one appliance, you get to cook a number of meals.

8. Reusable Food Bags

Even if you are inclined to use lunchboxes, there will be days when your snacks don’t have to be placed in containers. If you’ve prepared sandwiches, then you can easily slip them into food bags so you can quickly munch on them while you do other things. However, make sure that the food bags you buy are dishwasher and microwave-safe to avoid any toxic chemicals absorbed by your food.

Make your meal planning activities simple and easy with these supplies and you’ll never have to feel that it’s a chore. Just by reading about them makes meal prepping an exciting task.