Now more than ever, it’s important for Australians to invest in their health and take steps to eat healthy and exercise. Unfortunately, the winter season combined with the COVID-19 restrictions can make it difficult for people to get their daily workout.

Note though that it may be difficult but it’s not impossible. Here are some healthy outdoor activities for Australians even at 5 degrees Celsius.

1. Go Scuba Diving

Australia’s winter season is typically mild, which means that going to the beach is still an option. In fact, visiting the Great Barrier Reef has no season so you can book a trip even if the weather is starting to get colder.

To be on the safe side, however, be sure to bring your own gear. If you’re going to rent one, make sure that it’s been fully disinfected before wearing it. You can also try swimming with the whales or just watch them from the safety of your boat.

2. Go Skiing

While some parts of Australia enjoy mild weather, other parts offer an all-out winter experience. You and loved ones can go skiing and enjoy the snow while still staying 6 feet apart of each other. Since skiing is primarily a single-person sport, there’s not much cause for worry about COVID-19.

3. Go Husky Sledding

Have the time of your life being pulled by Huskies through the snow. These beautiful dogs actually enjoy the job and the weather! With two layers of coating, huskies are built for winter so you can be sure they’re also enjoying the activity.

Bring some snacks and the dogs will love you even more. If you’re not a fan of being pulled through the snow however, you can just watch an epic dog sled challenge that is often held in some parts of Australia.

4. Hiking

Yes, hiking is possible during the milder portion of Australia’s winter. There are tons of trails, mountains, and even coastal areas that you can explore.

The great thing about doing this in winter is that there are fewer people on the road, and few bugs, too! This lets you really enjoy the view while still limiting contact with other people. Safety first though so make sure you still have masks and alcohol with you, just in case.

5. Try Geocaching

This cool new trend lets you locate hidden “treasures” that other people have left in specific areas of your local city. These items are marked via GPS and left for others to find, the boxes or “caches” often containing goodies or other gifts for finders.

Once you find it, you can put in your own gifts, change its location, or perhaps even make one for others to find! It’s a great outdoor activity which should keep everyone in the family engaged.

6. Go Camping

Camping is a great way to spend time outdoors while keeping socially distanced in Australia. Pack your tent or rent a cabin, it doesn’t matter.

This little foray outdoors should leave you feeling reinvigorated as soon as you get back to the hustle and bustle of city life. Make sure to do this during the milder season of Australia’s winter so you’re home when the snow starts to fall.

7. Enjoy the Bike Trail

Biking is another of those fun outdoor activities that lets you go on a singular adventure. Sure, you can have other friends with you but that’s really up to you. Biking, by its very nature, lets you stay socially distanced from everyone else. If you want added protection however – perhaps keep a mask in place while you leisurely pedal through the trail.

8. Go Ice Skating

Once the cold season hits its peak, you can enjoy skating on Bondi Beach. The waters may not be safe for swimming, but there would enough space there for skating.

A rink is often built around a specific area to make sure you’re only standing on thick ice. Skating as an outdoor activity naturally requires social distancing to avoid accidents. Keep your mask on and avoid touching your face.

Note that just because you’re having fun doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. Safety is still a primary concern so no matter what activity you choose to enjoy – stay 6 feet apart, limit your contacts, wear masks, and wash your hands.

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