A beautiful smile makes us more open, confident and attractive. A whole trend of aesthetic dentistry is dedicated to making the smile perfect. But we can’t achieve this only with the help of dentistry – we must first consider what we can do to smile more confidently. If you’re on the web searching “cosmetic dentistry near me” on Google, this is for you.

1. Smile with Your Eyes

One of the secrets is to learn to smile not only with your mouth and lips but also with your eyes. A smile begins with the eyes – just then it becomes natural and relaxed if the facial muscles, including the small muscles surrounding the eyes, are relaxed.

To learn how to smile with your eyes, practice in the mirror: close your mouth with your palm, think about something pleasant, and smile. Watch how the muscles around your eyes tighten and how the expression of your eyes changes.

So, for example, the famous model Tyra Banks claims that smiling with eyes is the main “trick” of this model. It is thanks to such a smile that the photos turn out to be alive, expressive and natural.

The advice of the model: “Smile, carefully look in the mirror and fix your “smiling eyes” in memory. Consider the facial expressions, muscle tension and even the position of the eyelashes.

Then do a memory exercise – repeat this facial expression and muscle tension without smiling with your mouth. Over time, doing this exercise regularly will make your smile more expressively and confidently.”

2. Get Symmetry

It seems that a smile is an elementary ability of every person. However, we admit, smiling beautifully with confidence is not so simple. Physiologists say that in order to smile broadly, a person uses more than 40 facial muscles. Therefore, the control of these muscles is necessary for anyone who wants to smile beautifully.

One of the components of a beautiful smile is symmetry. Of course, for many, a “crooked smile” or a kind of smirk is part of the image, but a beautiful and wide smile is based on symmetry. And since we rarely pay attention to the development of facial muscles, our smile is not symmetrical.

If you look carefully in the mirror, you will find slight distortions of the mouth and lips during a smile. Therefore, your task is to practice a smile in front of the mirror, trying to achieve symmetry.


Some foods are dangerous for your smile. We are talking about foods and drinks with highly coloring pigments: tea, coffee, and red wine, products with dyes.

To protect your teeth from darkening, try to dilute coffee and tea with milk, immediately after eating such products, it is advisable to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with water.

3. Lock the Smile Shape

When practicing in the mirror, find the shape of the smile that seems perfect to you, and fix this shape. To do this, with your fingertips, press on the right and left edge of the lips, and hold the smile for 5-7 seconds.

Repeat this exercise throughout the day. Since a smile is nothing but the work of muscles, such training will teach the muscles to hold the shape you need. Of course, it’s important to keep the smile natural.

4. Work with the Shape of the Lips

The beauty of a smile depends on the shape of the lips in many ways. And this does not mean at all that only owners of full lips can smile beautifully – thin lips can have an equally expressive form. Beautiful lip shape is clearly defined.

This can be achieved by exercises to study the shape of the lips. For example, this exercise: fold your lips with a tube and pull it forward, open your mouth, then close your lips tightly and relax your facial muscles.


A smile is the best way to cheer you up. When a person smiles, the production of endorphins, the hormones of happiness, begins in his body. They begin to be produced even when a person forces himself to smile.

5. Take a Selfie

Oddly enough, many people simply do not know how to smile – they are shy, and this makes the smile tense and unnatural. One effective way to hone the skill of a wide, relaxed smile is to take a selfie.

Taking a selfie, smile, laugh – this will help you relax and learn not to be afraid to smile. Select the photographs in which you have the most beautiful smile and develop the ability to smile that way.


For the beauty of your smile, do not neglect the natural “toothbrushes” – any solid products, such as carrots or apples – they help to cleanse your teeth and prevent plaque formation.

6. Pay Attention to the Outline of the Lips.

One of the components of a beautiful smile is the intact red outline of the lips. If it is inflamed, peeling, itching, and swelling, then the first thing to do is to consult a doctor. The causes of the inflammation can be very different – a lack of vitamins, allergies, fungal infections. Cosmetic dentistry is also one of the most common ways to improve your teeth appearance.

Orbit conducted a survey among men. 70% of them said that a non-makeup woman who smiles seems to them more attractive than a woman with makeup, but without a smile.

7. Take Care of Your Lips

There is no arguing that a beautiful smile is about well-groomed lips. No matter how spectacular lipstick you have, it will not hide dryness, peeling and a crust of dry epithelium.

When it comes to lip care, many people think that care consists only of the use of hygienic lipstick. But this is only a small act and far from the most effective part of leaving.

Cosmetics for lip care are very diverse – these are basic moisturising balms, restoring creams and balms, lip serums, peels, and protective products to restore the contour of the lips.

If you have dry lip skin, it is better to abandon matte products. The best choice is moisturising lipsticks and glosses, as well as colored lip oils – these are products in the form of lip gloss with moisturising oils and pigments.

If you have very thin, dry lips, look for moisturising serums. A good moisturising serum fills the skin with moisture, due to which the lips become smoother with natural color and radiance.

8. Choose the Right Toothpaste

The beauty of a smile also largely depends on the quality of toothpaste, since good toothpaste protects teeth from decay, fighting microbes, whitening teeth and strengthening tooth enamel. So, when choosing a toothpaste, it is better to give preference to fluoride pastes.


With these tips, you’re ready to sport a star smile and impress people because it also reflects your personality. Moreover, smiling can also be beneficial for your health and you can have a youthful appearance. Just remember not to ever hide your smile and feel confident about it. You’re beautiful in your own way.


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