Exercise has been considered as a good way of lifting one’s spirit as it helps distract the mind from anxious thoughts. It increases the production of chemicals that are known to make a person feel good, thus improving the mood.

Here are the 8 top exercises that are known to improve a person’s mood.

1. Running

Have you ever tried running after a stressful day at work or at home? You will notice that it gives you a better feeling afterward. This is because running releases a chemical called endorphin that has been known to make one feel good.

Endorphins are hormones that send electrical signals to the nervous system. It makes you feel cheerful and excited, driving away your depression. Many people go running at night to get rid of stress and to have a restful sleep.

If you can even do running at home too by using a treadmill machine. Don’t have one? Check out this article to find out the best treadmill for you.

2. Swimming

Children and adults who swim regularly usually feel good about themselves. Not all people can swim and the fact that you possess this skill can boost your self-esteem.

The feeling of buoyancy can lift your spirits and make you feel euphoric. You can feel your muscles relax as you float in the water and you tend to get over your depression, anxiety, and stress.

3. Cycling

If you love nature and you have a bike, cycling can be a great activity to make you feel good (and reduce belly fat!). You can do it alone or you can join a group during your cycling adventures. Some groups would usually spend the whole day together.

They would have a picnic in a chosen spot, spend time talking, joking, and laughing, which are all great stress relievers. Being part of a group can give you a sense of belonging, which can boost your self-esteem and reduce anxiety.

If you don’t have time to go out cycling outdoor, you can also do it indoor. Check out this article to find out the best exercise bike to choose for your home.

4. Dancing

Dancing is one form of exercise that can improve your mood. Just moving to the beat of a lively music while alone in your home can make you feel happy.

This activity is better than regular workouts because it gives you fun especially when you are dancing with a partner or with a group. Some people consider dancing as a self-expression.

Your feelings are reflected in your movements. When you feel like hitting someone, using movements that require unleashing your strength as you move can reduce your anger. Salsa, Zumba, Hip-Hop – they use movements that can make you get rid of your negative thoughts and ill feelings.

5. Yoga

People who want to experience total relaxation perform yoga. Although this activity does not involve physical movements, it makes the person look into his inner self.

Most of the anxieties, fears, frustrations, and hatred that a person feels have their roots on his inner emotions. Through yoga, you mentally strip off all these negative emotions. Even people exhibiting signs of neurosis can benefit from taking yoga classes.

6. Hiking 

Hiking gives you a chance to be away from your usual environment. Aside from enjoying the beauty of nature and breathing in fresh air, you can experience a kind of peace that is alien in the busy cities.

Walking can also stimulate the production of endorphins and make you feel better. You can have the time to reflect and focus on your inner self because there is nothing to distract your attention.

7. Tai Chi

Have you ever tried performing these Chinese martial arts? If you notice, this does not only involve physical movement and strength. In performing Tai Chi, one has to perform some movements used in meditation. This lets the muscles in your body relax, releasing the tightness and knots that you usually feel when you are stressed.

Tai Chi combines physical balance, mental concentration, muscle relaxation, and relaxed breathing resulting in a feeling of general wellness.

8. Resistance Training 

This work out is great on building up your self-esteem and feeling good about yourself. Reaching your target and going beyond it is proof that you have the capacity to do more.

Weightlifting, indoor rowing, stationary cycling – all these give you a concrete evidence of how much you can do. The effort you exert in achieving your goal can make you forget about depression.

Try engaging in some of these exercises to relieve stress and make you feel good about yourself. Once you have established a routine, you will discover how these activities can improve your mood.

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