9 Ways How to Exercise for Free

Leading a healthy lifestyle should start while we are still teens. It doesn’t have to cost anything and it shouldn’t get in the way of your studies. There are plenty of ways in which you can exercise for free and without impinging on your schooling. Here are 9 ways.

Participate in school sports activities. 

Schools always incorporate sports programs into their curriculum. While you may never be really good at football or even swimming, why not just give it a try? It’s free and will do you a lot of good, physically, mentally, and socially as well

Forget the escalators and lifts; use the stairs. 

If you’re simply moving up or down a few floors, say 1 or 2 floors, it is best to take the stairs. This can strengthen the muscles in your legs while also helping improve your cardiovascular performance.

Have a friendly conversation while walking. 

Whenever we meet a friend, most of us would rather do it sitting down on a bench or even on a table at our favourite café. Why not invite your friend for a walk and have a more meaningful conversation as you walk and take in as much of the scenery? This is way much better than pressing your butt on the hard surface of a chair or bench.

Workout those leg muscles as you ride your bike to wherever you want to go. 

Today, we always ride a car even though we only have to buy something at the grocery just a few blocks away. Ditch the car keys and take out your bike. It’s time to start pedalling all over again.

Play games during recess, lunch breaks, or even after school. 

Sure, they call it break time, but this doesn’t necessarily mean we should devote all of it to doing nothing. You can play a 15-minute game of football or even 10 minutes of basketball. That should help you stay fit.

Try some dance moves during lunch breaks.

What’s the use of having tons of playlists on your smartphone or even MP3 player when you cannot use it to the fullest? During break time, how about you try dancing to the groove instead of just listening to it.

Practise certain sports skills such as throwing, catching, kicking, bouncing, or hitting a ball.

You don’t have to play the game. You can always try practising your skills in kicking or dribbling the ball, throwing or catching it, or even hitting it with a bat or a racquet.

Walk your dog. 

When you do get home, you can walk your dog or perhaps even take it for a quick run. If you don’t have a dog, try borrowing your neighbour’s dog. We’re pretty sure they’ll be happy to have their dog be taken for a walk.

Go fly a kite. 

Make your own kite and fly it with a friend. It’s always a good way to bond while feeling free as you run with the wind.

These 9 ways to exercise for free should get you physically and mentally fit for school.

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One Thought to “9 Ways How to Exercise for Free”

  1. Adiano

    I’ve recently started my own life-style change and this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I need as many tips and advice as I can get because not only do I want to shed pounds, I want to actually keep that consistent for the rest of my life!
    Eating is one thing, but exercising also needs to be included if you ever hope to be fit.
    Luckily, I have a dog and a child, so they do run me ragged quite often. But I don’t feel any better for it!!! Thanks.

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