Are Fitness Camps Still a Thing Today?

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Fitness boot camps continue to grow in popularity among fitness-conscious Australians. It remains very relevant to this very day, providing a host of benefits to individuals who partake in these outdoor fitness group classes.

The Nature of Outdoor Fitness Classes

One of the main reasons why fitness boot camps remain popular is the nature of these outdoor fitness classes. If you are already familiar with a military training boot camp, then you will know that trainees will have to push themselves to accomplish their goal.

The same is true in a fitness boot camp. People who partake in such activities find greater motivation in a group than doing the exercises by himself or herself.

The Essence of Participation

You are part of a team or a tandem that has to accomplish the different goals that are set by the programme. It is in this sense of camaraderie that pushes individuals to do more.

You can almost imagine if you’re going to do this in a gym. Sure, you may be exercising with your best friend, but there is always a tendency to lighten your load.

You may procrastinate or change your fitness goals in an instant. There is also a tendency to get bored. You can bring your personal entertainment with you, why not?

But nothing compares to the entertainment that you get from the antics and stories of everyone else in the fitness camp.

Working  Towards the Same Goal

In a fitness boot camp, there are more individuals working towards the same goal. Best of all, you have their support. They will encourage you and cheer you on as you accomplish the different tasks.

They are like your cheerleaders encouraging you to dig deeper into yourself so you can push yourself harder. During breaks, you will also be sharing stories and laughter.

You’ll be making new friends and acquaintances, further realising that you’re not alone in this pursuit for optimum fitness and overall wellness.

Exercises that Lead to Fitness Goals

Depending on the fitness programme of the boot camp, participants can go through different types of exercises to address different fitness goals.

There are those who aim to lose weight while others focus more on increasing muscular strength. There are also programmes that focus on the improvement of the cardiovascular apparatus.

Regardless of the specific aims of these programmes, fitness boot camps show unity in helping people make regular exercise a normal part of their everyday lives.

This is crucial because many of us exercise only when we need to. If we find that we can no longer put on the dress we bought last month because we’ve gained weight, that’s the only time we exercise.

This should not be the case. Exercise is an important part of everyone’s life. It doesn’t have to be on an everyday basis. It could be every other day or once every two days.

Physical Exercise as an Element to Healthier Living

The important point is for us to recognise physical exercise as an important element to healthier living. Fitness boot camps train us to have such a mindset. Exercising becomes a natural part of our being.

We will not find ourselves dragging our butts off our couches. We’ll go through each of our days with exercises forming a good part of it.

The Fitness Camp Programme

A typical fitness camp starts with an assessment of the individual’s fitness levels. The individual undergoes an evaluation at the end of the programme to determine if there’s improvement.

Running and dynamic stretching are integral components of fitness camp exercises. They serve to warm up the muscles and loosen the joints.

Afterwards, participants perform different high intensity interval training exercises such as plyometrics, situps and pushups, lifting weights, and pulling resistance bands, among others.Each session finishes off with yoga-like stretching. As you can see, fitness camps incorporate a wide variety of exercises.

There are programmes that also include nutritional advice to their participants. As we all know, exercising is often not enough to give you that much-desired body. You will also have to add sensible food choices.

Programme instructors can help participants make better decisions as to the types of food that they can include in their diets. They will also learn of the different ways they can prepare these foods in a healthier manner. You won’t get this from an exercise program in a gym.

Fitness camps are still a “thing” and very much alive. It remains one of the best models to achieve overall fitness.

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