The holiday season is always a time to renew our family ties and strengthen the bonds of friendship. With all those sumptuous feasts prepared in every dinner table, the holiday season is also the most unfortunate time to gain weight.

It is that time of the year when you’ll find your clothes have grown smaller and that you can no longer close the button on your pants.

This holiday season, you don’t have to become a slave of your binge-eating tendencies. You can still eat the things you love the most, but you’ve got to ramp up your physical exercises, too. This is your only way to shed those extra pounds that you may gain during the holidays.

Here are 3 exercises to try.

1. Sprinting

An individual who weighs about 70 kilogrammes can burn about 170 calories in just 15 minutes of running at a steady pace of about 10 KPH. That’s roughly 11 to 12 calories burned every minute. When you do sprinting at an average speed of 16 KPH for a full minute, you’re burning 20 calories.

If you are going to sprint for a full minute at a speed close to Usain Bolt’s 44.64 KPH, you will be burning about 80 to 90 calories per minute. If you can sustain this for 5 minutes, you’re looking at a minimum of 600 calories burned in just 5 minutes of sprinting.

Of course, it would really be impossible to sustain that high-speed run in 5 minutes. After all, the reason they call it a sprint is that it’s short yet very powerful.

The point here is that you will shed more pounds if you perform more sprints. The good news is that you don’t have to even go outside to sprint. You can easily perform it right on your treadmill.

You can speed up the settings so that you will have to really work yourself out. You can start with 20- to 30- second sprints followed by a minute of jogging. You can also run up a flight of stairs as fast as you possibly can. Now don’t sprint down the stairs.

2. High Intensity Interval Training

Sprinting as fast as you possibly can for 30 seconds and following it up with a gentler 5-KPH jog for a full minute before repeating the cycle is a good example of high intensity interval training or HIIT exercise.

The idea is to perform a really intense exercise for a brief period of time followed by partial rest of the muscles before you go at it again.

A perfectly-executed HIIT program can easily burn 500 calories to 1500 calories every hour. You don’t even need to spend a full hour to get the results that you need. For this type of weight loss exercise to be successful, it is important to create a combination of cardio and strength or resistance training.

Cardio exercises can help you speed up your metabolism, allowing you to burn excess calories from your body. Strength-training will continue with what cardio has started.

As a matter of fact, strength training exercises can provide you with a much better way to shed pounds since your muscles will still be burning calories long after you’ve completed the exercise.

3. Rowing

Aussies will love this as they are a natural when it comes to water activities. You can swim, why not? And it’s also a good way to shed excess pounds.

However, you don’t even have to be in the water to enjoy the many benefits of rowing. There are now rowing machines that are so advanced that they can mimic the dynamics of a real rowing boat.

Rowing machines can help burn a minimum of 800 calories per hour. The good news is that you can substantially bump this number by performing sprints.

You can ‘row’ as fast and hard as you possibly can for about 250 metres before settling on a gentler paddle for a full minute.

You can then give it a go again. It is pretty much like having high intensity interval training where you included resistance training and cardio in the mix.

Shedding extra pounds gained during the holidays is easy. Sprint, row, and HIIT can get you the figure you want went you return from the holidays.