Shared spaces are one of the areas where you get to see who knows the basic etiquette. And one common shared space is the gym.

Yes, you’ve heard the awkward stories people tell when they go to the gym. There are people who stare, wear revealing clothes, and grunt too much as if they’re carrying the weight of the world.

If you’ve personally done these things yourself, then it’s time to check what other things you might be doing that annoy people. Here are a few things to be aware of.

1. Ogle

Imagine having someone stare at you while you lift those heavy weights. Wherever you go, this person follows you and makes sure they observe your every move.

It feels weird, isn’t it? And what’s worse is that you won’t get the sense of focus you went to the gym for. So if you’re guilty of excessive staring, then you might want to avoid doing this. Not only is it distracting, but it also doesn’t give people the privacy they need.

2. Wear Revealing Clothes

Sure, the gym is a place where you can wear a sports bra. But when you do so, make sure that you don’t show anything that should be for your eyes only. It’s going to distract people and make them feel uncomfortable even if they don’t mean to look at it. Besides, do you really want someone to look at your chest for a long time?

3. Leave Weights Everywhere

One of a lot of gym goers’ pet peeves is having to look for certain weights all over the gym. It just takes up so much time and you shouldn’t have to look for it in the first place. One overlooked gym etiquette is to return items that you’re done using.

Whether they’re weights, towels, or water jugs, you should always return them to their original place. It’s common that you might forget where the right position is for a certain weight, but at least return them to their rack. If you’ve carried them for a few exercises, then you can definitely carry them back to their place.

4. Not Sharing Equipment

Another rude behavior in the gym is not sharing equipment. Remember, you are in a shared space so it’s common sense to share everything you’ll find there. Unfortunately, not a lot of people are aware of this.

They don’t necessarily use the equipment, but they hang around it or even bring it to their side that you’ll wonder how you’re going to ask them if you could use the equipment.

There are even instances when you use an equipment that is not being used only for someone to cut you midway and say that it was taken. Although there’s no way around this, what you can do is ask them politely if they’re done using a piece of equipment. In this way, they’ll be conscious that you’re waiting in line.

5. Creating Noisy Sounds

It’s hard to carry heavyweights or to push yourself to the last rep, but you don’t have to make unnecessary noises. Noises like excessive grunting and shouting will only make everyone else annoyed at you.

And if you’re trying to carry out a conversation with someone else, make sure that you modulate your voice. After all, you’re in the gym to exercise and not practice your voice.

6. Interfering Other People’s Routines

There’s also another bad habit that people do at the gym. That’s minding everyone’s business. You will actually notice this easily because there are people who are social butterflies in the gym.

While it’s okay to talk to people in the gym, don’t interfere with their workout style. Even if you see someone do the wrong thing, always take a second to think if confronting them about it is the best thing to do. Some will feel offended while some would appreciate it. But to be on the safe side, just mind your own business.

There are a lot of bad habits that people practice in the gym. Sometimes, you can also fall victim to forgetting that it is a shared space. But when you’re there, make sure that you be extra mindful of your actions and to read up more about gym etiquette.