With the dawn of the healthy lifestyle, people are considering different ways to stay fit. One of them is boxing.

Boxing has come a long way since the days of men throwing punches in dark-lighted, sweaty rooms. Today, you can see elite boxing gyms where even the hottest female celebrities throw hundreds of punches.

Boxing Workouts at Home

If you’ve never been to a boxing gym, you would think that it’s intimidating to be around people who know how to box. But don’t fret, this workout is not about hitting your opponent.

And most probably, a lot of people haven’t mastered the right punches and stances in boxing either. So, to help you prepare for that first day in the ring, here are a few boxing workouts that can help you.

1. Stretching

The first step to getting into shape is through stretching. Stretching helps condition your muscles and joints for the workout you have to do. Spend at least 5 minutes doing different kinds of stretches, from arm stretches to lunges. Put enough focus on your legs as you do, too.

2. Jump Ropes

After stretching, get your jump rope and do three sets of this exercise. If you can, allot a minute for every set just to get your heart pumping.

The importance of doing jump ropes is to improve on your agility and quickness. In boxing, it’s important that you get your leg muscles all ready before throwing punches so that you prevent any torn muscles later on.

The best way to do jump ropes is to start the first set with jumping on two feet at the same time. After a minute, switch to jumping with your right leg at the lead. This exercises your hamstrings and quadriceps. When this is done, do the same thing with your left foot leading.

3. Push-ups

Push-ups sound like the perfect exercises if you want abs. But did you know that it’s also beneficial for those who box?

Push-ups help in conditioning the core so that you won’t have a hard time ducking and slipping. It specifically strengthens the shoulders, chest and the arms so you have more power once you start throwing punches. Do this for three sets, with 10 push-ups for every set.

4. Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle crunches is also a great exercise to create more strength on your core and shoulders. It’s also a good way to tone the legs. A bicycle crunch can be modified to mimic a boxing stance by placing your hands beside or below your face.

As you bring your left knee towards your forehead, lift your shoulders and lower back off the ground. Do this for 3 sets with 5 lifts of each leg.

5. Jab

To get things started on your actual boxing moves, practice the jab first. A jab (also referred to as “1” on the ring), is the first type of punch you’ll learn.

To do this, go to a boxing stance with your dominant foot at the back. Your hands should be in fists and should be just by each side of your chin.

To throw a jab, you extend your dominant arm to the front while turning your wrist. When your arm is fully extended, your wrist should be parallel to the ground. This move is a quick punch and it is a great way to get you into the boxing mood.

6. Uppercut

Next is the uppercut. The uppercut is done by dropping your dominant shoulder while your knee goes down to meet the movement. Then, throw a punch going up.

As you do this, the dominant side of your body should also twist as you bend your knee and throw the punch up. The opposite fist should stay still at the side of your cheek.

7. Duck

To complete your boxing workout, practice ducking. When you duck, your hips, core, and legs are targeted because they will be supporting your body weight.

A duck is like a squat except your fists should stay still by your face. Also, imagine someone throwing a punch directly at your face.

When you duck, your goal is to avoid that punch so you have to lower your squat while moving your body to the side opposite the punch.

These exercises are the basics for when you do your first boxing class. Even if you aren’t at the gym, practicing these moves will help strengthen your core and your legs for a more toned body.

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