Most youngsters and middle aged people are worried about how they look. It is very important to them to maintain a good physique, and why not? A good physique inspires confidence and positivity.

There are the lucky few who are blessed with a naturally good physique and healthy lifestyle and have little to complain about. There are others who are on the heavier side of the scale or on the lighter side.

The ones on the heavier side focus on trimming themselves to shape and the ones on the lighter side need to gain weight to be fit. The best part to this is that both can be achieved by planned and disciplined workouts and a healthy diet. Here’s a guide to ensure you are on the right path:

Practice Healthy Eating Habits

Starving and overeating are both unhealthy practices. A trained gym trainer or dietician would be best able to recommend a diet for healthy body according to the height and needs of the body.

Many people try to skip meals to lose weight, but in the process weaken their body. A healthy low calorie, low carbohydrate and rich fibre diet will help lose weight while staying healthy.

Understand Your Body Mass Index

The body mass index is a clear indication of the accurate weight according to the height of a person. Muscle is made of protein, and to build muscles one requires proteins. 

Workouts tend to exercise muscles and degrade the proteins in them at a faster rate. While it is a workout that will help shape muscles, it is necessary to follow a protein rich diet.

Determine the Protein Requirement 

Beginners at workouts require being most careful about their diet, but they are the ones who are most careless about it. Beginners require a greater amount of protein in the first month than in the following month.

Workouts leave the muscle fatigued and must be rejuvenated with a healthy diet of proteins, to form newer and better-formed muscles. Protein intake must be portioned out into the three main meals of the day so that the body can utilize and distribute it gradually and efficiently.

It would be best to obtain the required proteins from natural dietary sources rather than from supplements. Vitamins can be obtained from natural sources of fruits and vegetables.

Hydration is Essential

The body must be well hydrated. The diet must be complete with calcium and potassium as these are essential for muscle and bone strength. Avoid steroids as they have major side effects. Hydration in the form of water and other healthy drinks leads to fast absorption which therefore allows the body to endure further workout. 

Be Trained by a Professional

Building healthy muscles requires a strict disciplined routine of workouts under a trained professional. There are gyms at every corner, but the wrong workout or routine can leave the body fatigued and can have adverse effects on health.

The right trainer will help keep the muscles fit with the right regimen of workouts. The wrong regimen can leave the muscles worn out and damaged.

Final Thoughts

Overemphasizing upon the necessity for routine, because one cannot build muscles overnight, it requires regular practice and training. Irregular training will only damage the physique further. 

More than following the above-mentioned tips, a disciplined mind is the most important element.

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