Do Sparkling Wines Have Any Health Benefits At All?

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Most world-renowned vineyards produce sparkling wines. They are made from many grape varietals. Most sparkling wines made also comes in different labels that can serve many purposes.

They are also one of the top wine choices when it comes to party celebrations. The versatility of sparkling wines has made each label relevant to all wine lovers.

Each label of sparkling wine got its name for the characteristics itself. They are highly carbonated to produce bubbles once opened.

It is one of the reasons why this wine is unique compared to other wine brands you can find in the market. It is also why this wine comes as a top choice when it comes to sports wins.

The availability of Sparkling wines can come in different varieties. Each bottle has a varying level of sweetness from brut, dry, and sweet.

It is recommended that before you pick the sparkling wine label, you like you should know your taste. Take note that not all sparkling wines can appeal to your palate because of some ingredients present in a bottle.

Sparkling wines are like red and white wine labels that continue to rise in demand, especially when it comes to party purposes. Many wine lovers also use this type of wine as part of their daily recipes. They make delicious dishes out of sparkling wines, and that can serve in fine dining restaurants. These are genuinely some of the fantastic benefits brought by these types of wines.

Aside from the bountiful usage of wines for food pairing and party celebrations, many people ask if these wines are healthy. It has been proven long before that red and white wines have several health advantages to one’s body when drink moderately.

Do sparkling wines do the same? Do they also carry some health benefits when you drink a modest glass of sparkling wine?

Sparkling wines in general like red and white are alcoholic beverages. It means that alcohol is bad for one’s health when not consumed in the right way. It can lead to addiction and can cause several diseases in the body.

It is why many people would tend to ask if sparkling wines can improve one’s wellness because they are carbonated at the same time contains different levels of alcohol.

Wines, in general, are healthy. Many health professionals recommend that each of us needs a daily glass or two of wine, so make sure that we promote a healthier body.

Sparkling wines are also made from grape varietals and other natural ingredients that contain antioxidants that are good for the body. You only need to make sure that you drink the recommended glass of sparkling wines daily to achieve its full health benefits.

In this article, we will also show you some of the primary antioxidants that a sparkling wine carries. These antioxidants are helpful to our bodies and let us get away with several fatal diseases.

Earning a glass of sparkling wines every day will help you achieve this, and you will not only obtain a healthier body, but you promote a healthier lifestyle as a whole.


It is the common phytonutrients and antioxidants found in Sparkling wines. It brings so many health advantages to the body. The flavonoid content of Sparkling wine has resveratrol. It is the essential element that is naturally extracted from grape seeds and skins.

The resveratrol content of the wine helps in improving one’s cognitive response, keeps your heart from harmful blood clots, aids you to have cleaner lungs and respiratory system, etc.

Resveratrol found in Sparkling wine’s flavonoids also helps in reducing bad cholesterol. Take note that too much cholesterol in the body may lead to obesity and hypertension.

These antioxidants help our body in removing these harmful cholesterol allowing us to maintain a perfect body physique at the same time having normal blood flow.

Sparkling wines also contain lower alcohol. It means that unlike for other wine labels you find, they generally come as friendly wines to drink.

They can promote a good sleep getting us away to suffer insomnia. Sparkling wines also do not cause any hangover when you opt to drink two or three glasses as the body quickly absorbs the alcohol content.


Flavonols are an essential nutrient in Sparkling wines that helps the heart directly to function well. Having a healthy heart is vital since it pumps the blood to supply our whole body.

Any irregularities that our heart can suffer can also cause us critical diseases. It also helps every arteries and capillary to get stronger to make sure that the blood flow in our body is sufficient and strong.

Sparkling Wines Nutritional Value

A glass of sparkling wines measures around 1.4 ounces. The calorie count can run around  78 to 89 and depends on the type of Sparkling wine you drink. It does not contain any fats and only 1.2  to 3 grams of carbohydrates.

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