Fitness boot camps are sprouting like mushrooms, replacing conventional fitness and exercise classes that are typically performed in a gym or some other fitness facility. Patterned after the ‘fat camps’ for kids, many of today’s fitness camps offer more than just getting into shape.

What is more important now is the education and a whole new perspective that these programs impart on boot camp participants to lead a fitter and healthier lifestyle upon completion of the program. So, does it really work?

To understand whether fitness camps work or not, it is crucial to look at a few certain things. They can make it quite an appealing endeavor for those who want to achieve fitness in their lives.

1. Keeps You Motivated to Workout

Compared to one-on-one personal training you’d definitely be more motivated to get and stay in shape because of other participants who are there with you.

For the many who have already completed their fitness camp programs, this is perhaps the single most important reason why fitness camp works.

Certainly, the idea that you’re not alone in facing your problems does a great deal of motivating you to strive. And if you see others pushing as hard as they could, who wouldn’t want to strive either?

2. Enhancement of Discipline and Values

Most fitness boot camp programs are provided early in the morning or even in the evening. Therefore, folks can head out to the ‘camp’ before hitting work. Or, they can proceed immediately to the camp right after signing out from the office. They also only need to do this about 3 to 4 times a week and they’re already on their way to better fitness.

3. Less Expensive than Hiring a Personal Trainer

If a personal trainer charges $100 for an hour of session, you’d be paying this yourself if you get a one-on-one. But since there are a number of people being coached by the personal trainer at the same time, you only get to pay a fraction of the cost. Of course, this also means you don’t get a highly-personalised coaching.

4. Additional Learning on Physical Exercise and Diet Regimen 

This is something that many find really appealing since staying fit doesn’t only focus on physical exercises. It also includes sensible dieting especially the choosing of the right kinds and amounts of food that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

It also includes tips on leading a healthier lifestyle such as managing stress and avoiding substances that can undermine your fitness efforts.

5. Focuses on Cardio Health

Its very nature favours the integration of high intensity interval training. That way, you can get the most out of every training session that you have. Therefore, good heart health is achieved towards the end of the boot camp. If you do not enjoy joining the boot camp, you can achieve the high intensity training via a rowing machine – talk about achieving both cardio and HIIT goals in one sitting.

6. No Need for Costly Gym Equipment

While fitness camps do not always have to be located in boot camps. The mere fact that the location of such exercises is outside of the gym creates the impression that you can exercise anywhere. This affords versatility and flexibility in the things that you can use to help achieve your fitness goals.

7. Incorporation of Military Training 

You’ll be performing push-ups, sit-ups, and all the other stuff that you see young military recruits undergo to tone them in the best possible condition.

For many, these exercises are quite extra-ordinary for fitness-oriented activities especially with a personal trainer barking orders like a drill sergeant.

The good news is that it works as everyone in your ‘platoon’ will be doing exactly the same thing. It is actually the team atmosphere that is priceless in such programs


So does fitness camp works? From the experiences of many, one can always say that such programs really do work. When fitness is shared with other enthusiastic individuals, the goal becomes easier to achieve. Likewise, motivation is contagious.  

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