Does Quorn Protein Build Muscles Better than Milk Protein?

Athletes and bodybuilders are always looking for ways to help build muscles in a more efficient manner. Most of them use protein powders that contain milk protein.

However, there is a very recent research study that shows Quorn protein is more effective in building muscles than milk protein.

What is Quorn Protein?

Quorn protein is a type of protein that is present in a species of fungus called Fusarium venenatum. This fungus is rich in a type of protein called Mycoprotein. Manufacturers of Quorn products grow the fungus in controlled environments.

This allows the organism to ferment. The resulting biomass undergoes a delicate process to separate the single-cell protein Mycoprotein from the other components of the fungus.

Quorn is the name of a meat substitute that uses Mycoprotein as its principal ingredient. As such, when one talks about Quorn protein, one is referring to a brand of meat substitutes.

What Science Says

Researchers at the University of Exeter conducted a study about the effects of mycoprotein on muscle building. The study showed that Quorn products are able to stimulate muscle growth a lot faster than traditional milk protein.

The study focused on the rate of muscle growth among the participants of the study. To be more specific, the study grouped the participants into two.

Prior to the administration of the protein-rich diet, the researchers evaluated the protein digestion patterns of each research subject. This included an assessment of the amino acid levels in the blood at rest.

Twenty healthy young men were then made to undergo a rigorous exercise regimen. The researchers gave the participants either mycoprotein or milk protein right after the exercise.

They also measured the individual muscle building rates of each of the participants several hours after the administration of the protein. They used stable isotopes as tracers for the study.

The results of the study showed that the men who took milk proteins were able to gain a 60 percent increase in their muscle growth rates, or MGRs. On the other hand, the participants who took mycoprotein showed more than 120 percent of their MGRs.
The study revealed that Quorn mycoprotein is able to produce more pronounced muscle growth than milk protein.

The sample size of the study does pose some limitations to its generalizability. With only 20 participants, it is not conclusive. However, it does open the door to more extensive research on the matter. For instance, researchers can include a larger sample size or extend the sample to include ordinary individuals.

How Quorn Protein Can Help Build Muscles Better than Milk Protein

While the results of the study are encouraging, there is debate as to how mycoprotein can exert its muscle building capabilities. Some say that it has something to do with the completeness of the amino acids present in mycoprotein.

This goes against contemporary knowledge that looks to animal proteins as being complete with all the essential amino acids. If this assumption is correct, then there must be a few or several amino acids that are missing in milk proteins that are found in mycoprotein.

One has to recognize the fact that proteins supply the body with amino acids. Proteins cannot pass through the digestive tract and into the bloodstream because it is a very large molecule.

Digestive enzymes have to break it down into smaller subunits like peptides and amino acids. Only the amino acids can pass through the intestinal lining and into the bloodstream.

From the blood, the body will again ‘reconstruct’ some of the different amino acids into large peptide and protein molecules. They can then help in the growth and development of tissues. It is this combination of proteins, amino acids, and peptides in the body that get used in promoting muscle growth.

Implications for Athletes, Bodybuilders, and Fitness Buffs

The implication of the mycoprotein study is immense. There are health and fitness buffs who are wary about using milk proteins because of their association with animal products.

Taking Quorn products is, thus, believed to be a healthier alternative to conventional animal proteins. It can be a great product for Vegans.

It is early to say whether Quorn protein is a lot better than animal proteins in general or not. What is clear is that people now have a healthier option for their muscle-building needs.

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