With the winter season approaching and Covid-19 still in our midst, there is no excuse to keeping our elderly loved ones healthy. In fact, we should even strengthen their health because Coronavirus chooses no one.

According to data, 15.7% of the population is aged 65 years or older. In this time of the pandemic, the elderly need to maintain their health even if their daily outdoor routine is altered or changed.

So to enhance your health further, gather these tips and live healthily despite the hazards and changing weather.

Spend Some Time Under the Sun

Before the icy cold weather sets in and while the sun peeps once in a while, it would be helpful to grab this opportunity to flex and stretch your muscles outdoors.

The early morning sunshine provides Vitamin D that aids in bone health. Light exercise in your yard under the sun not only strengthens your muscles and bones, it allows you fresh air to enter your lungs.

Encourage Yourself to Have an Activity

If you already have an exercise activity during this pandemic, keep it up. It may be a simple exercise or the use of equipment such as a stationary bike.

Exercise is the key to healthy aging. Working out also helps strengthen the immune system so you won’t succumb to seasonal diseases such as flu.

The COVID 19 is already here to contend with, so strengthen your body from other diseases that can weaken your body. Stay active.

Sit Less

The pandemic lulls people to inactivity. Staying at home encourages you to be sedentary and do nothing. Most likely, people will be watching endless reruns of shows on Netflix while sitting idly on a couch. If you are a senior citizen, know the importance of staying active.

If you have to go binge-watching movies, make sure to stand up and do some form of exercise during commercial breaks such as marching in place.

Do Some Chores

Maybe you are the type who doesn’t like doing exercise or physical activity. However, movement is critical to keep you flexible and healthy. If you so choose, you can opt to do household chores or indulge in any of your hobbies.

Wash the dishes or clean the house to keep yourself physically active. If you have a garden, you may want to do some gardening and pull out some weeds. Not only will you have clean and beautiful surroundings, but you will also get physically fit.

Keep Your Balance

You have to stay active at home, but you also have to stay safe. Make sure that whenever you are doing any of your chores or exercise, you are near a wall, chair, or sofa to keep you from falling down when you lose your balance.

You should also be aware of what your body is telling you while you are exercising. Are you becoming too exhausted and out of breath?

In the talk test, it is normal to not bale to sing during strenuous exercise, but you should be able to talk. You should hydrate yourself with water regularly when exercising. Wear the right accessories, such as well-fitting shoes, whenever you have to do some physical exercise.

Use Technology

You should be able to use technology to connect with loved ones during the pandemic. Instead of actual visitations, connections via Skype and video call conferences are nearly as good as the real thing, so be sure to utilize them during this pandemic.

You can use technology to be used as bonding moments with the family, such as reading bedtime stories or having dinner together via video. Your loved ones can also check up on you and have conversations with you via online videos.

Use Existing Support Networks

You may have had a lot of friends and communities you visit before the pandemic such as faith communities, neighborhood or exercise groups, and even bridge or card playing groups. Unfortunately, these got shut down after the pandemic. Make sure you still have connections with friends by using technology such as Skype.

You can still schedule activities together in your own homes. For example, you can schedule an exercise regimen at home or a prayer activity even if you are not together with your group. This will make you feel that you are not alone and isolated. Connecting with others will keep you emotionally and mentally healthy.

Final Thoughts:

The elderly are especially vulnerable at this time of the pandemic. According to experts, senior citizens are most like to succumb to the COVID 19 disease. Although the elderly should practice social distancing, they should keep their bodies healthy through exercise and stay connected with loved ones.

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