Fat loss plateau refers to that point when you stop losing weight despite sticking to your exercise routine and low-calorie diet. For months, you have been losing pounds but in these last two months, your weight remained the same.

You might panic or be frustrated that you return to your old habits of sitting around and eating a lot. No matter what happens, stay focused on your weight-loss efforts. Fat loss plateau is temporary and soon, you will be shedding your extra pounds quickly.

What Causes Fat Loss Plateau?

Everyone who is trying his best to lose weight experiences a plateau. This means that despite your regular exercise and healthy diet, you do not lose anymore weight. There are several reasons why this happens.

During the first few weeks of your weight-loss regimen when you have cut off on calories, your body gets energy from your glycogen, the stored carbohydrates in your body and liver.

It is mostly made of water and when you burn energy, the weight that you lose comes from the water in the glycogen. But as your body continues to use up the stored glycogen, there is no more water to lose.

So you lose some muscles and fats. As you continue to lose weight, the amount of energy that is burned is reduced, resulting in a standstill in your weight loss.

Another reason is that you might have reached the peak of the weight that you can get rid of. If you like your body as it is now, then you can maintain your current weight program to keep it at that.

But if you think that you still need to lose more, you can adjust your current weight loss regimen so that you will continue to weigh less.

Ways to Beat Fat Loss Plateau

There are some ways to fight against the weight loss plateau. Here are some things you can do:

1. Review Your Habits

Look back to the previous weeks or months. Have you ever strayed from your weight loss regimen? Some people might fail to achieve their goals in terms of reducing their mass because of some events.

During Thanksgiving or Christmas Season, for example, people hold and attend parties. The rich foods that you never dared to eat in the past weeks or months have now become a staple for several days. The result is your failure to achieve your ideal weight.

Getting tired due to late nights make you lazy to exercise. Perhaps, you have stopped exercising for several days. This is the reason why you retain your usual body weight or what is called fat loss plateau.

2. Eat Fewer Calories

Reduce the number of calories that you ingest every day by as much as 200, as long as you maintain the normal 1,200 – 1,500 a day. Going down below 1,200 might cause you to feel hungry at all times so you eat more. This can lead to increased weight if you are not careful. Develop a good heating habit so you can reach your goal faster.

3. Exercise More

You can break free from the fat loss plateau by spending a long time in your exercise. Add another 15 to 30 minutes to the normal duration of your workout. Here is some work-from-home exercise equipment that you can invest in to keep you active while at work.

Increase the intensity as well so that you will be able to lose some weight. Include weightlifting in your daily exercise. It increases your muscle mass which makes you burn more calories.

4. Add More Activities to Your Daily Life

Add more physical activities to your day aside from your daily exercise. Give your car a break for a few days. Walk more instead. Climb stairs instead of riding the elevator. Clean your house or do some gardening. All of these will help you move down from your fat loss plateau.

5. Monitor Your Progress

You may want to invest in a fitness tracker to monitor your progress.

You should check your weight every day. If after several days there is no change at all, it is time to see a dietitian or a doctor. Your condition might have other causes aside from what you eat or how much exercise you get.

Or perhaps, you have really attained a healthy weight for your body. Be content with what you have achieved but strive to maintain it.

Do not revert to your bad habits simply because you think your exercise and diet are not effective. This can result in uncontrolled weight gain, which can be hazardous to your health.

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