Integrating healthy living into your relationship is a good idea. So you and your partner can both stay fit and healthy together, enjoying not only your relationship but a healthy life along with it. We’ve mentioned 6 ideas on how to stay fit with your other half below. 

  • Set Rewards

Setting rewards works as well when you are in a relationship as it does when you are alone. Like with any form of goal setting, this is a major motivator.

It can be a great way to make fitness fun by setting rewards with your other half. Why don’t you plan to go out to celebrate the completion of your fitness goals for a weekend or take a fancy night out? It will definitely make you want to work harder to achieve your goals. 

  • Outdoor Dates

Instead of going on the usual movie nights, try something new. Taking the dog out together, walks around the park, going for a sauna, and cycling are great ways of talking, creating intimacy and getting closer. These definitely tend to burn more calories than conventional date venues, so it’s a win-win.

  • Have a Healthy Recipe Day

A good way to spend some time together while implementing a healthy lifestyle is to make a healthy dinner day one night a week, where you prepare a nutritious meal together. Cooking together is a very fun activity (which in itself can be an aphrodisiac). Maybe try an alkaline salad!

Three in five (62.1%) of Australians of 30-65 years perceived what they usually eat to be healthy, while 90% of Americans eat more sodium than is recommended for a healthy diet.

  • Take a Fitness Class Together

Nothing beats actual exercise so why not go for it with your loved one? Tell your partner that you want to try a class and you would be more comfortable with them. You can laugh as they attempt yoga for the first time and help each other out after class as well. 

Not only will this be a new experience, you will also have cute couple stories to share with others later. Fitness classes also make for a great place for you and your loved one to connect and bond. So if you’ve been complaining of not being able to spend more time together, fitness classes could just be the thing to look into!

  • Limit Eating Out

Remember we told you to go on a fancy dinner as a reward? But try to keep it limited to once or twice a month. When you are in a relationship, going to restaurants becomes a norm. Don’t know how to spend your date night?

You almost immediately think of going to a fancy restaurant. How about you try watching a movie at home after cooking your own meal together? You will save money and cut back on calories as well.  

  • Health Insurance

When you first get married, there are numerous exciting new experiences to look forward to as a couple. Insurance probably isn’t on this list. The important thing to look into is insurance for couples which would ensure you are covered in case of any emergencies regarding your health and fitness.

Couples, however, are typically able to access higher rates and higher coverage than either significant other would have individually. If either of you came into the wedding with minor kids, your insurance desires may decline because the spouse’s financial gain can help contribute to the monetary desires of the children.

  • Go on a Healthy Eating Plan Together

It can be difficult to go on a diet on your own and stick to it without support. Dieting with your significant other is a great idea.

Since you eat all or most of your meals together, you can encourage each other to make healthy choices and support one another. Remember to keep a sustainable and realistic goal – you don’t want to start grumpy fights with your partner over food choices!

Either way, try to remember how important staying fit is. Motivate your partner so that you can enjoy a long and healthy life together.