Flabby arms are inevitable as you grow older and lose muscle mass. Fortunately, there are several ways to turn those flabby arms into toned and sexy ones. All of them involve regular exercises plus a healthy diet.

Some of these exercises are simple ones you can do at home. Some will require the use of dumbbells and other gym equipment. You don’t have to do all of them but make sure that every workout targets all different muscles.

Here is a list of arm workouts and the benefits you can get. 

The Arm Circles

Beginners should start with this workout first. This exercise is easy to perform and the location is not a problem.  It may be simple but it can tone your biceps and triceps at the same time. It also has the added benefit of strengthening the shoulders and back. 

The Push-Up

Push up is a simple workout that you can do anywhere even at home. They are effective since they strengthen your triceps. They also work on the abdominals and lower back. 

The Bench Dips

The bench dips are also simple enough that you can perform the exercise as long as there’s a bench available. Otherwise, you can also use a step or sturdy chair instead. This workout focuses on major shoulder muscles including the triceps. 

The Shoulder Press

This exercise requires the use of dumbbells or weights. This routine strengthens the biceps and triceps as well as the shoulders. Aside from dumbbells, you can try using a barbell or weight machine.

The Punching Workout

Another way to tone your arms is by doing fast and repetitive punches. You don’t need a punching bag but it’s much better to have one. It can also build up your shoulder strength. To increase the intensity, add weights by holding dumbbells while you punch. 

The Bicep Curls

The bicep curls are simple weight lifting routines that focus on your two bicep muscles. You need a pair of dumbbells preferably, 15 pounds each or less. You can also do this exercise at home using a can of peas or beans instead of dumbbells. If you are in a gym, consider using an arm-curl machine. It has the same effect as the dumbbells. 

The Pull Ups  

Pull ups are not easy workouts especially for beginners. You need an exercise bar for this and some assistance if you are a complete novice. The workout strengthens your biceps, shoulders, and lower arms. 

The Bench Press

The bench press is ideal if you are in a gym. This kind of workout requires an exercise bench and a barbell. The triceps, shoulder muscles, and chest are strengthened by this exercise.

If you are lifting some serious weights, you will need a companion to work as your “spotter”. His or her job is to help you return the barbell to the racks. 

The Side Plank Reverse Fly

The side plank reverse fly is focused on your upper body strength rather than toning down the arms. But it does help make you stronger when you start doing arm toning workouts. A dumbbell or any alternative weights are needed for this routine. 

Keep and Maintain a Workout Routine

Three to four of these exercises are sufficient as long you can do them properly. Just make sure that your workout selection involves all the various arm muscles.

Experts recommend 4 sets of each routine with up to 12 repetitions. Increase the repetitions afterward in order to tone the arm muscles in the shortest time possible.

The initial workout is designed to help tone the general areas of your arms. But sooner or later, you will need to modify the workout to target the specific areas you want to tone.

If you want to add muscle mass, increase the weights but do fewer repetitions. But if you want toned arms without the bulk, do the exercise with more repetitions but with lighter weights. 


Arm exercises are the best ways to keep them toned, firm, and sexy. You will need to perform these workouts regularly and frequently as you grow older.

Combine these exercises with healthy foods to keep the arms firm and toned no matter your age. All you need is some will power and discipline.

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