How many times have you promised yourself to get up early in the morning and go jogging or hit the gym? Perhaps for the first three days, you got a perfect attendance but the fourth and fifth turned out to be challenging.

The same is true with following a healthy diet. You start the week nibbling on carrot sticks or apples or cucumbers but on the fourth day, you are tempted to enter a fast food restaurant and splurge.

When you are about ready to give up, think of these things to give you the strength to stick to a healthy lifestyle.

1. Accept imperfections. Nobody is perfect!

Leading a healthy lifestyle is not easy. You are not alone in your struggle to keep a healthy weight through exercise and proper diet. If you have set a goal and failed to achieve it, do not give up.

You can always give it another try. When you set your goal at losing ten pounds in a month but you only lost two pounds, consider it as a success.

Others who tried to keep a healthy weight might have gained more pounds than shed off some. Congratulate yourself and continue your weight loss campaign.

2. Make healthy habits a way of life. 

Some people say that they cannot find the time to go to the gym and to prepare healthy foods. This is one of the most popular excuses for people who have become obese because of their unhealthy lifestyle.

The best thing to do is to make exercise and eating low-calorie foods a habit. Condition your mind and body to get up early in the morning to exercise and to buy only healthy foods when you go to the grocery store. Before you know it, you are doing these things automatically.

Going for a holiday? Don’t worry, you can still exercise while you are away on your vacation.

3. Put a stop to laziness and get up on your feet. 

The more you think that you are too lazy to develop the habit of healthy living, your body will respond the same way. You will find it hard to open your eyes early in the morning and to get out of bed.

Your body is just too weak to work out. You just grab ready-to-eat foods because you believe that you are too lazy to think what to buy or how to prepare them. You are not lazy.

You are just reluctant to start. Stop saying that you are lazy-head. Start and do not stop until you reach your goal of having a healthy life.

4. Set goals that are realistic, doable and attainable.

Avoid frustration by setting goals that you know you can easily achieve. For example, if you are using the treadmill to burn more calories, start with just 2 miles then increase the distance as you gain stamina from the activity.

Being able to finish these miles will make you feel satisfied with your performance and motivate you to continue doing it. If you are used to eating foods high in calories, start substituting some with the same amount of fruits or vegetables.

Instead of having a cup of rice for lunch, have just one-half cup. Substitute the other half with the same amount of fruits or vegetables. This way, you feel satiated without consuming a lot of calories.

5. Don’t forget to have fun.

Try to have fun on your journey to a healthy body. Whether it is a training program or preparing your healthy meal, see to it that you enjoy what you are doing.

Join communities or groups so that you can interact with each other or meet up and do things together. You can go jogging together, do workouts together, and even take turns preparing a healthy dinner for the group.

This can make your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle a pleasant endeavor. Aside from becoming physically fit, your emotional and social needs are met as you meet new people and build relationships that can last a lifetime.

6. Utilise free technology. 

Nowadays, you can easily find out the number of calories that you are eating and the number of pounds that you gain or lose. There are apps that can be downloaded to your mobile phone. Therefore, you can easily track your diet and weight.

Some workout equipment have gadgets that let you see the calories burned while doing a certain exercise. All of these will make keeping a healthy body easy.

Avoid getting stuck counting calories, though. Find pleasure in what you are doing and in the delight of achieving your goal, which is to maintain a healthy way of life.

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