Summer is the most fun season because you get to enjoy a lot of exciting and thrilling activities outdoors. Most importantly, it is the best time to go to the beach, bathe under the sun, go against the waves, feast on breathtaking sea views, and flaunt your sexy and healthy body.

Being free to take of your clothes without having to worry about bulges or untoned parts is just pure bliss. With a toned and fit body, you don’t have to worry about how others may think about you. You can focus on the things you want to do at the beach and at the same time, enjoy the views.

But the question now is, do you have a well-toned and shaped body? If you have a chubby figure, if you are a little overweight, if you are obese, if you are slender, or even if you already have a nicely shaped torso, it is still best to prepare for the summer through regular workout sessions. You need to burn those excess calories to strip your body of the bulging fats especially those found in your belly, arms and thigh.

Here are five workouts that will surely help you burn calories fast and get you ready for the hottest season:

Workout 1

This set involves single leg hip bridge on bench, pull-up, and pistol squat to bench, which you need to execute with 8 counts each. It also involves plank to push-up, feet elevated push-up, and clap push-up, which you need to execute with 10 counts each.

Lastly, the set also involves inverted row or bodyweight row, which you need to do with 10 to 15 counts. You need to complete all of these within 45 minutes. Take a rest only when needed. It is important to record your time each time you do this workout.

Workout 2

This workout includes three sub-sets. The first one involves alternating reverse plunges and plank to push-up. The second set involves walkouts and inverted row that allows for feet adjustment.

The last set involves mountain climbers and clap push-ups. To achieve the optimum benefit of this set for fast weight loss, do each sub-set for 30 seconds and then rest for 15 seconds. You need to repeat for another three times before you proceed to the next sub-set of exercises.

Workout 3

What’s great about these different sets of workout is that you only need a few minutes to complete each of them. In addition, you can perform them every time you are free. This can mean that aside from your regular schedule of workout, you can perform each set individually at any time of the day.

For this third set, the exercises are sumo lunges, reverse lunges, jump squats and bodyweight squat. You have to do the lunges with 10 counts while the squats must have 15 counts.

To enjoy its full benefit, execute the whole set without taking a rest. Then, repeat 3 to 4 times depending on your stamina or available time.

Don’t forget to record the time whenever you perform this workout. Another goal here is to beat your previous record. The faster you finish the workout the faster you burn fat and lose weight.

Workout 4

This workout includes pistol to bench with 10 counts, handstand push-up with 8 to 10 counts, inverted row with 15 counts, and side lying oblique that you have to hold for 20 seconds. Allot 45 minutes for this workout. The challenge here is to do as many repetitions as you can within the set time. The more repetitions you do the more calories will be burned.

Workout 5

The last set involves a ladder set of exercises, which means you have to complete the routines in sequence. The exercises are pull-up, dip, jump lunges and leg raises. Do the exercises with one count each until you reach ten counts. Then, reverse the counting from ten to one.

Woman doing yoga at the beachWith these five sets of workout, you’ll surely lose weight in no time. What’s also great about these workouts is the fact that you can perform them at any time of the day and do as many sessions as you want.

These workouts will surely help you burn calories in no time. In addition, you won’t suffer from major health issues because there are no weights that can pressure the joints and muscles.

You should not that heavyweights are excellent to burn calories and bulk up your muscles. However, the disadvantage is the fact that weights are not gentle on muscle tissues. You get the body that you want but you have to suffer from undesirable consequences.

Lastly, speed up even more the burning of calories with a complementary healthy eating habit. Avoid processed and instant food. Choose only organic ones and consume lots of fruits and vegetables (click here for 6 best homemade smoothie recipes).