Winter is coming, so this means that you have to change your workouts a little bit. While some make this an excuse to skip the gym or do their daily run, staying fit this winter is still possible.

There are so many things you can change in your routine that will give amazing results. If you don’t know what changes you can make for the winter, here are some of them.

1. A Change of Wardrobe

The first obvious change you’re going to do is your wardrobe. For one thing, you have to learn to do some layering if you plan on working out in the open.

Fortunately, you can still use your tight-fitting sportswear because they help keep your body insulated. But this time, you should put at least one more layer to help regulate your body temperature.

An addition to your wardrobe is a windproof jacket that will help block out both water and air that will make you feel colder. Plus, a windproof jacket will help keep your body heat inside so you can still sweat a little.

Part of your wardrobe change should include non-slip shoes. There are running shoes that you can use purely during dry weather, but since it’s winter, you should be looking for a sole that is comfy and steady.

2. Checking the Day’s Temperature

Before you head out for a run, you should always check the day’s temperature. This will give you an idea about how many layers of clothing you should wear.

Other than that, knowing the temperature will help you manage your workout routine because you won’t be surprised at how cold it is outside.

While you’re at it, you can check news on roads and sidewalks, too. If there’s too much snow on the road, working out indoors or in a gym will be safer. Don’t even attempt to run outside because even if you wear non-slip shoes, the moisture can still get the better of you.

3. Changing Your Usual Routine

So the cool weather is out which means that there could be changes in your diet. For most people, a cool weather encourages them to eat a lot so that their bodies can stay warm.

To offset the extra calories you take, a workout that is focused on high-intensity movements should be a part of your program. Sure, you can still do some cardio, but strength training exercises are more efficient especially since you can stay at home to do it.

But it’s not just the workout you have to change. If you have your usual route when you jog, you might be forced to change it up a bit especially if there’s snow along the way.

4. More Focus on Your Warm Up

If you’re used to skipping a warmup before, now you have no choice but to do it. According to gym instructors, warmups are important because they help condition your muscles for strenuous exercises.

Since it’s winter, your body needs this more than ever. Simple warm up exercises can get your heart rate up which means that your body will receive more oxygen and blood. The more blood you have flowing, the warmer you will be.

Fitness Workouts to Try

As mentioned a while ago, you can use the winter season to look at other workouts. If you’re a fan of running, you can use these 3 months to try a new routine or sport that doesn’t require you to go out.

One of those workouts is yoga. Yoga may sound like a low-intensity workout, but it helps strengthen your muscles. The more muscles are at work, the higher the calories your body burns.

There are a lot of yoga studios around the country and you can even find studios that offer different kinds of yoga.

You can also try indoor cycling if you want to feel that burn and sweat in your thighs. Indoor cycling is a relatively new workout, but it has already caught the attention of a lot of Australians.

While you’re on the lookout, you might want to consider indoor cycling – you don’t have to get a change in wardrobe plus your body will sweat like never before at the comfort of your own home with a spin bike.