How to Get Rid of Saggy Skin After Losing a Lot of Weight

Woman doing sit ups

After intense dieting and sweating it out at the gym, you’ve finally hit your goal of losing weight. Unfortunately, you’re now presented with another issue that may want you to think of going under the knife.

Massive weight loss especially those achieved in a very short period of time tends to produce an unsightly effect: sagging or loose skin. But, is this really just skin you see flapping on your body or is it more of the soft and jiggly fat that most people assume as skin?

If it’s the latter, then only a good workout regimen that focuses on building muscles will help you get rid of that unsightly loose skin after major weight loss.

Understanding Fats versus Muscles

The thing here is that there are two very important tissues just under the skin – fat and muscle. The fat layer is what effectively cushions any force that may come from the outer skin so that it will not hurt the deeper muscle layer.

Technically, the fat layer is sandwiched by the skin and the muscle. As such, both fat and muscle tend to push outwards against the skin, keeping it taut.

As one gains weight, there is an increased deposition of fat molecules within the fatty layer under the skin, but without any significant increase in muscle mass.

This increase in fat density and volume increases pressure towards the skin, making it expand a bit in an effort to accommodate the increasing body size.

When an individual loses weight, many of these fat stores are burned or used up. Unfortunately, the skin doesn’t return to its previous normal state at the same rate upon which weight is lost. Additionally, most weight loss programs call for cardio. Sadly, this also leads to a reduction in muscle mass.

With the combination of a reduced muscle mass and reduced fat layer under the skin there is no mechanism to push the skin outwards to keep it taut. Both combine to produce the appearance of loose or sagging skin. Most people refer to it as ‘skinny fat’.

The Significance of Strength Training

It is for this reason that one of the best solutions for getting rid of sagging skin after weight loss is by engaging in strength training. Bodybuilding is all about building muscles.

Lifting weights, doing push-ups and crunches as well as leg squats, and using resistance bands are just a few examples of exercises you can perform to build and strengthen the muscles.

Building muscles requires the application of resistance with which target muscles have to work against. The greater the resistance these muscles will be working against, the greater the stimulation for the synthesis of proteins needed for the development of more muscle cells.

It’s like stimulating a part of the body to grow more cells because of the increased workload on that body part. With the addition of protein-rich diet, one can easily build more muscles.

Building and strengthening muscles can also support on-going weight loss efforts. Well-toned muscles are in perpetual state of partial contraction. When muscles contract they utilise energy, often in the form of glucose.

When glucose is not available, energy is sourced from stored fats. As such, even if it has been several hours after your last workout session your muscles will still be contracting, burning fuel, and utilising fat.

When taken as a whole, you are essentially increasing muscle mass which can help push against the skin to make it taut again. It also helps in keeping a healthier level of fat deposits under the skin to help preserve the overall function of the subcutaneous layer.

In effect, building and strengthening muscles not only address the issue of sagging or loose skin, but also paves the way for a more efficient weight management and the preservation of normal physiologic processes of the body.


Building muscles isn’t only effective for those who wish to get rid of their flabby skin after weight loss. It’s actually more effective for those intending to lose weight for the first time in their lives.

Sensible nutrition based on a high-protein diet coupled with a mixture of cardio and strength training exercise regimen should not only give you the weight loss you require, but also guarantee the development of a healthier, visibly tighter look.

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