Three in four Aussies always start their day with a cup of piping hot coffee. More than a quarter of these Aussies consume more than 3 cups of coffee every day especially those who love taking instant coffee rather than brewed.

But with all that jitteriness, heart palpitations, restlessness, and even stomach upset that are associated with coffee-drinking, it’s about time to ditch the black morning drink in favour of something more refreshing and definitely healthier – lemon water.

Here’s why you’re better off starting your day with a glass of refreshingly cool lemon water.

1. Strengthens Your Immune System

A medium-sized lemon contains about 22 milligrams of vitamin C. It is already equivalent to more than a third of your recommended daily intake of the vitamin.

If you squeeze two medium-sized lemons into your bottle of water, you are already looking at two-thirds of your daily vitamin C requirement. This can surely boost the overall functioning of your immune system.

This nutrient is known for stimulating the more efficient production of certain white blood cells. Vitamin C also aids in protecting leukocytes that are responsible for the production of specific antiviral substances.

It is for this reason that vitamin C is always advised among folks who may have colds. It doesn’t kill the virus, but it sure can hasten the speed of the virus’s removal from the body. Coffee doesn’t do this.

2. Improves Heart Health

Coffee is a stimulant which can increase the blood pressure and put unnecessary strain on the heart. That’s why you always get palpitations. On the other hand, lemon water happens to be rich not only in vitamin C but also in folic acid.

This B vitamin is regarded in the scientific community as especially useful in reducing the levels of homocysteine in the blood. It is a major risk factor in the development of heart disease.

And while it doesn’t prevent heart attacks or even stroke, your glass of lemon water every morning can help you take care of your heart a lot better.

The vitamin C in lemon water can also help lower the risk of heart diseases. It’s due to the antioxidant activity, preventing the harmful effects of free radicals on the cardiovascular system.

Additionally, the limonene content of lemon can also help lower cholesterol, another major factor in the development of heart diseases.

3. Prevents the Formation of Kidney Stones

It is a well-established fact that lemons and other members of the citrus family of fruits are rich in citric acid. This makes them very beneficial to individuals who are at risk for the formation of kidney stones.

It is now known that citric acid can deter the formation of stones in the kidneys. It can also break the smaller kidney stones that may have already started to form.

Add to this the water in lemon water and you have a mechanism that can effectively flush these stones and debris from the urinary tract.

There are now studies that show that individuals who drink half a cup of freshly-squeezed lemon juice is equivalent to a pharmacologic regimen involving citric acid.

When you translate this in terms of lemon water, you’re looking at consuming about two glasses of lemon water to obtain the same benefits.

4. Aids in Successful Weight Loss

Coffee, they say, is good for weight loss since it increases metabolism. Lemon water is better since it acts in a very different way.

Instead of increasing metabolic rate, lemon water reduces hunger cravings. It delays the absorption of glucose while also normalising the levels of lipids in the blood.

Because glucose is absorbed at a much slower rate, you are able to supply glucose to all the different tissues of the body at a much steadier pace. This sends signals to the brain telling it that it still has plenty of ‘fuel’ so there is no need to eat yet.

Moreover, lemon water contains fewer calories than coffee.

Lemon water is the best choice when it comes to starting your day right. So ditch that coffee and start leading a healthier way of life with lemon water.