Hair Loss During Pregnancy Myths

Women’s pregnancy is a time of both excitement and fear. Soon to be mothers are confused about the changes that are happening to them, on their body. While some of the changes have scientific explanations, others were just pure myth and based on superstition. For example, there is a myth that was circulating for ages that when a pregnant woman watched a lunar eclipse, it causes a deformity in her unborn child, which is of course, totally not true. Moreover, pregnant women are more concerned about how they look during their pregnancy, especially when it comes to their hair.

Below are some pregnancy hair myths that soon to be mothers ought to know.

Hair Loss During Pregnancy

This is not true, so you won’t have to worry about having hair loss throughout your pregnancy. However, expect a considerable hair loss after you have given birth to your baby. The main reason why this thing will happen is due to your body hormone secretion were significantly reduced. And it will cause noticeable hair loss up to two months after giving birth. However, one should not panic about such since it is entirely normal for a woman experiencing hormonal changes. After a few months, everything will go back to normal, and your hair follicles will replace the hairs that have fallen off. Nisim’s hair loss shampoo may be good to control hair loss during pregnancy.

Hair Becomes Thinner During Pregnancy

A lot of soon to be mothers are also concerned about their hairs might become thinner during the time of their pregnancy that could cause hair loss. However, your hairs won’t become thin, but it’s the other way around. Because of hormonal changes happening to a woman’s body during pregnancy, it increases the number of estrogen. This phenomenon affects the hair strands to becomes much thicker than before.

But what happens to that thick hair after pregnancy? Since you will still have hormonal changes even after giving birth, your hair texture will change back to normal. However, in some instances, some women experienced a change of hair color like coming from light brown to medium brown hair.

Hair Colouring Could Cause Hair Loss During Pregnancy

Another myth that was believed by a lot of people, especially the elderly, is that colouring your hair could cause hair loss during pregnancy. The truth is, it is completely safe to use hair dyes and coloring even during pregnancy. The body doesn’t absorb the chemicals and ingredients used in hair dyes and colourings, and it can’t affect the baby’s health.

Cutting Your Hair to Prevent Hair Loss During Pregnancy

While this is untrue, doing it might make you feel more refreshed, relaxed, and comfortable over the course of your pregnancy.

Causes of Hair Loss During Pregnancy

While there is a lot of superstitious belief about hair loss during pregnancy, there are also some valid reasons why women experience hair loss during their pregnancy.

Thyroid disorder

Having a thyroid problem is difficult to spot during women pregnancy. But having excessive hair loss is one of its symptoms along with muscle cramps, constipation, and exhaustion.

Iron deficiency

If your red blood cells aren’t getting enough oxygen to different tissues in the body. It will eventually cause hair thinning and hair loss.


To avoid believing myth and superstition about hair loss during your pregnancy, you should always consult your doctor about this matter.


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