Pretty sure that no one’s wondering why the title has “healthy” written all over it. Right from childhood we hear of the importance of good health, it can never be overemphasized upon.

Almost everybody knows the most common and fundamental rules for good health, but yet fail to follow. Good health needs discipline which is not easy.

Waking up early is a pet peeve of night birds, but it sure has its own benefits and no doubt is the best time to wake up. The air is clean early in the morning. The morning rays of the sun are the best source for vitamin D that helps in strengthening the bones.

Drink Water

The first thing to do in the morning would be to rehydrate. While sleeping, although the body does not require a lot of water, it has been deprived of water for more than 6 hours.

It would be best to have at least a glass of water. Lukewarm water with lemon and honey has been time tested and many would vouch that it boosts immunity and helps keep body weight under check.

After rehydrating the body one may go out into the open for fresh air and natural light. Both sunlight and fresh air boost good moods and positive thoughts towards life.

The air in the late morning hours is more polluted due to increasing traffic and daily activity. The quiet peace that the early morning hours offer is a gift worth enjoying and to begin the day with. The sound of chirping birds in the garden and trees soothes the mind.


Exercise is most recommended in the early morning hours for various reasons. While exercising, the body breathes faster and since the morning air is refreshing and rich in oxygen, it will rejuvenate the body

The morning air is free of dust or at least has a lower content of it as compared to that of the rest of the day. Any form of exercise or bodily activity is known to boost the health of body and mind.

Walking itself being the simplest of exercises has benefits that would take a whole book to describe. While walking the nerve endings under the sole are activated under pressure and activate the brain.

All forms of exercise activate the brain and muscles and release oxytocin, the happy hormone. Who wouldn’t want to start the day with a dose of happiness?

People can choose from a wide range of activities like yoga, simple stretching, aerobics, dance, cycling, jogging and the list goes on and on. A little music too, goes a long way in keeping the mind relaxed and positive.

Stretching exercises increase body flexibility and are a must for those who have jobs at which they spend most of their hours in a seated position.

These exercises like all other exercises increase blood circulation and can be easily incorporated into a busy schedule that cannot afford for a workout. They are also recommended for gaining height in children.

Health is wealth; all the money in the world cannot bring peace and happiness to an unhealthy body. A healthy body will keep the mind healthy and positive and ready to face any challenge of the day.

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