Gaining weight over the holiday season is so easy. People always find an excuse to eat their hearts out; it’s the season of festivity, anyway.

But when left unattended, the weight increase can become significant and permanent, more so that in some cultures, including the way Aussies celebrate, the holiday season can last forever.

Like all things tempting, there will always be effective ways to avoid the disastrous plumping up during celebratory season. Here are nutrition tricks you should know:

1. Choose Healthy Oils

Oil is fattening, period. But our body needs the healthy kind of fat to function properly. So, this leaves homemakers the task to completely avoid fried and other fatty foods during the holiday.

Or if frying cannot be avoided, then at least choose the healthy kind of oil, that is extra virgin olive oil. Though it may be priced a little higher, consider this as health investment.

2. Be Experimental

Turn the usual unhealthy nachos and burger patties into something equally tasty yet nutritious. With a creative mind and patience, you can create potato chips instead and patties made of horseradish that taste just as savory yet enriched with vitamins and minerals.  

The same goes for your Christmas cakes and Thanksgiving main courses. For great ideas, you can browse the web and later craft your own version.

3. Prepare Your Juices

People easily blame the solid foods they eat for their bellies, but in reality, the drinks they serve are just as health damaging. Studies show that fruit juices, preserved and packed in bottles, cans, and cartons, contain high levels of sugar that they are no better than the colas.

It is strongly suggested that mothers prepare fresh juices, personally prepared by their own hands. So should you. In Australia, fruits are of abundance, albeit some may be out of season during certain months.

In this case, you can always go for the basic lemon juice and be bold and innovative enough to add slices of apple, orange, banana, or even cucumber.

Put in less sugar or use honey and preserve for a few days. Everyone in the household will surely love the drink and the idea that you put in effort.

4. Load Your Table with Fiber

Food intake is perfectly fine, so long as you burn what you’ve consumed. One helpful tip is to encourage activities during the holiday.

Go out with family and friends. Play with your kids. Find an activity that is collaborative, fun, and moderately physically challenging. This way, you won’t be idle and bloat up after eating a plateful of pasta.

Apart from being active, you may also consider filling your table with foods rich in fiber such as dark green leafy vegetables, carrots, bananas, beans, and whole grains.

Fiber aids in digestion, cleanses the system, and consequently helps you lose weight as the food consumed is easily converted into energy.

5. Continue with Your Exercise Regimen

You may alter some sets of exercises or skip some heavy routines. But still go on with your exercise program. Idling around and binge eating during the holidays is a dangerous combination. You should find the courage to not give in to the temptation.

Better yet, exercise with your family and friends to make the activity more rewarding. At the same time, somebody will call your attention if you eat unhealthily thereafter. They serve as your devil’s advocates when the urge to drink alcohol comes.

6. Slow Down Your Consumption Rate

Stop starving yourself. Dieting, as nutritionists claim, doesn’t work. What’s more, it isn’t sustainable. Eat when you are hungry. The key here, though, is to eat in moderation. Do not devour the entire chicken in 10 seconds.

Take time to tear the food into pieces, chew slowly, and vary your choices to have a balanced nutritional intake of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. When you dine fast, the tendency is to consume heavily. Go slow and go light with your holiday foods.

7. Observe the 80-20 Rule

Deprivation is self-sabotaging. It will only make you want the food more. So as a recommendation, observe the 80-percent healthy, 20-percent indulgence rule. This way, you will still have taste everything and cravings that usually lead to over consumption can be prevented.

Holidays are worth celebrating and there is no reason for you to not join in the merriments. The useful nutritional tricks outlined here will surely help you avoid gaining significant weight during the holiday season.

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