According to statistics from the Department of Health of Australia, COVID-19 positive cases throughout the country reached 5,133 as of 3pm on April 2, 2020.

Currently, Australia does not have widespread community transmission of COVID-19 as most of confirmed cases are acquired overseas.

The country is managing the spread of the virus by mainly minimising further spread of infection, thus the call for home quarantine and even closing of interstate borders.

1. Take Control of Your Health

The world is facing a crucial time as the confirmed cases of coronavirus continue to rise. To lessen the contact and possible spread of the virus, mass gatherings are prohibited, social distancing is practiced and special arrangements for working from home are also in place.

Most non-essential establishments including restaurants, fitness centres, gyms and even public parks once frequented by people were forced to close temporarily.

Given the restrictions to minimize going out, it may be tempting to just be a couch potato, watch all Netflix movies and series or catch up on your book collection. But remember that being physically active gives you a good chance to ward off the dreaded coronavirus.

Regular exercise aides in immune health, thwarts weight gain, and leads to more positive mental health as well. Uncertainties loom at this point but you can take control of your health and start a daily exercise routine.

2. Commit to Exercise

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends doing moderate intensity activities for a total of 2 hours and 30 minutes per week or 1 hour and 15 minutes of high intensity activities weekly.

Being confined in the comforts of your own home does not restrict you from lessening prolonged sedentary lifestyle. There are various activities that you can do. Start with establishing a routine then commit to doing it daily.

It may not have all the equipment of the usual gym but your home can still be your fitness centre. Got internet? Either download workout mobile apps or stream live exercise routines.

The internet is loaded with tons of free home workouts that cater to varying fitness levels. YouTube has a plethora of channels dedicated to workout routines.

3. Challenge Your Creativity

Most of you may be on work-from-home arrangements and are facing your computer screen more than 8 hours a day. Take short, active breaks and try “housewalking”, a term coined by Lisa Lillien, founder of Hungry Girl.

Wear your pedometer, or any step counter device and start pacing around the house or walking up and down the stairs. If you can do some burpees in between walks, then why not?

Your body weight is already enough to do some workouts but this time calls for creativity. Using your chair or sofa, you can already do a list of exercises from squats, crunches, tricep dips and so on.

Lift gallons of water in place of your dumbbells. Involve your kids in the fun and make this a family routine. Run with them, do jumping jacks together or just simply keep on moving.

There are several exercises that target more than one muscle group at a time. Include squats, lunges, dips, planks and push-ups. You are guaranteed to achieve the same results as your gym workout without those big and intimidating equipment.

4. Join Fitness or Health Groups

As most people are at home, a lot are also glued to their phones updating their social media accounts or just senselessly wandering into cyberspace. Maximize that resource.

Search for health and fitness groups with members who share different routines or workout regimens. Some even throw in their healthy food suggestions. Pretty useful content, huh?

In these groups, you may come across some fitness challenges like 150 burpees in 1 month challenge. Try doing it. A challenge gives you a purpose or goal at the end of this lockdown period. And it makes good use of your time as well. Plus, you’ll be able to expand your network.

When all of this is over, a healthier you will come out of the quarantine period. Just maintain the exercise regimen you did throughout the quarantine and you’re in for a lot of health benefits. Remember, this too shall pass.

But the now is crucial so take care of yourself, eat right, exercise regularly, rest well and wash hands frequently.