General fitness has become an integral part of our lives. Since many people have been taking interest in health and fitness, hitting the gym has become the norm. This is why the use of various exercising techniques and devices are getting popular.

For those who want to build lean muscles and shed some fat layers, experts suggest them to embark a high protein and low carb diet together with workouts. But, what if an individual merely visits training sessions? How can he stay fit then?

Well, there are many bodyweight exercises (also called as calisthenics) that don’t require you to hoist dumbbells. Instead, these workouts are designed to boost balance, coordination, agility, strength and aerobic conditioning of an individual.

For example, push-ups, lunges, squats, jumping jacks, broad jumps, crunches, dips, and handstands are some bodyweight workouts which allow you to lift and move your body against gravity. You can even do just with your bodyweight without investing in fancy equipment.

Why Your Fitness Regime Should Include Bodyweight Exercises?

The moment you incorporate bodyweight exercises in your fitness regime, you will start to see positive changes in your body. Not only do they keep you healthy, but they also help maintain your body fat percentage at right level.

While doing calisthenics, you are required to lift your own body weight. Following are some reasons why you should include bodyweight exercises in your fitness regime.

1. Helps you burn fat

Most of bodyweight exercises employ compound movements. This involves working of several muscles which will lead to burning more calories. At the same time, it will help you build lean muscles.

2. Boost every single muscle

Calisthenics is all about hitting every single muscle of your body. Rather than just working on certain muscles, it strengthens your entire body from foot to finger.

3. Improves brain-body connection

Calisthenics workout helps you develop fine motor skills that are helpful for your brain-body coordination.

4. Muscle growth

When training calisthenics, the maximum overload you will feel is the overload that you literally feel every day – which is your body weight. You’re not pulling 60 lbs., or 20 lbs.

Instead, every single rep is your own body weight distributed evenly between arms.  The resistance that came from your own body will help you build serious strength and muscle growth.

Follow some tips to reap the benefits of bodyweight exercises.

  • Try to find a comfortable range of motion.
  • Take your time to get the good stretch.
  • Rather than doing fast, you need to go slow and controlled. The reason being is that you want to focus on working of muscles, not to just finish the workout.
  • Consult to a physician before you indulge yourself into any type of exercise.
  • You can exercise on different surfaces from different angles. This way you can challenge your body and test your skills like you’ve never imagined before.

Why Dip Bars Workout?

It’s better to put money on some fitness equipment that can be used for multiple exercises. This way, one doesn’t get bored of same routine workouts. One such kind of equipment that fits this specification is dip bars. You can either choose to buy for your home or use the one that’s available in gym.

Dip bars workout is one of the effective bodyweight training methods that shapes a solid upper body and improves muscle tone. These are done on adjustable exercising equipment.

As the name suggests, dip bars include a pair of horizontally placed bars that are well spaced and supported. A lot can be done with dip bars, only limit is your creativity.

Dip bars are great for doing chin ups and pull ups. It focuses solely on your upper body muscles including triceps, shoulders, and chest. However, you can do knee raising exercises for strong abs as well.

Investing on dip bars is a great idea because they don’t occupy much space, and are less prone to damage. Below are some exercises that you can utilise to stay fitter than ever before.

  • Burpee knee ups
  • Knee raises
  • Leg raises
  • Reverse push ups
  • Triceps dips

Dip Bars Workout – Do It Right!

A dip is a compound push exercise which targets a large number of muscles located in upper body. Yet, according to some studies, it can affect your shoulders badly if you don’t adapt to it gradually.

If exercising is not done correctly, it can harm your body rather than reaping benefits from it. Following are some guidelines to ponder over while using dip bars or stand.

Chest Dips

  • Take a start with correct positioning. When it comes to body position, you can place dip bars in different ways to boost certain muscles over others. Like, if you want to improve chest muscles, bring yourself up to the dip bar, then grab a hold and lean forward. This way your chest will face the floor.
  • Take an eye on your elbow position. Don’t overextend your arms, just lay outward. Keep the tension more on chest rather than triceps.
  • Avoid resting position on your joints.

Triceps Dips

  • Keep your body more upright or vertical.
  • Keep elbows closer to your body.
  • Give your triceps a good squeeze.

How to Get the Best Bodyweight Training Equipment?

While choosing the right fitness equipment, you must consider its longevity, performance, and pricing. Also, you need to realise mainly what type of exercise you’re going to do. Explore the one that your budget allows you to. Yet, you shouldn’t compromise on quality of the equipment. Read the reviews to get the clear idea of fitness product.

Moreover, fitness market has a variety of machines equipped with additional features like four-in-one and many more. So, if your pocket permits you, it’s better to invest on something that you can benefit from the most.

Ask yourself about what type of fitness tool you will need – fixed or portable. Do you have a proper space for fixed equipment or do you want something that is able to adjust anywhere?

The Most Beneficial Equipment for Bodyweight Exercises

  • Power tower workout equipment
  • Gymnastic rings
  • Pull-up bar
  • Weighted vest
  • Dip bars
  • Push Up bars
  • Ab wheel
  • Fitness ball
  • Jump rope


All in all, you should start doing calisthenics because it’s convenient and most of these exercises don’t require equipment or gym membership. You can even do these in your room or a park nearby your house.

However, power tower, pull-up bar and dip bars are useful equipment to get better results. Get started in calisthenics workout and evolve your body.